Grenada, the Spice Isle, was discovered in the fifteenth century. The Spanish renamed it Granada after “Concepcion”, which was Columbus’s name for it. It is not actually an island but a group of three islands and it is located in the Caribbean. Its location is the reason that it has always been an important place for sailors. 

The three islands of Grenada, Petit Martinique and Carriacou are make up this country. Petit Martini is famous for its tourist destination, Hillsborough. Grenada is the biggest of them all, whereas Carriacou is the smallest of the three.

During the winters, the temperature is nice and mild since the trade winds balance the heat. January to May can be dry and these are the months which are ideal for visiting it.

Getting around can be quite easy in the town area. All you have to do is get a taxi, like you would normally do back home. The hilly terrain can be tricky to get around, however, so if you have rented a car ($75/day), you need to be careful with the narrow roads. Buses can also take you to important destinations. You can move from one island to another with the help of water taxis.

One East Caribbean dollar is equal to 0.3704 USD. For tourists, it can add up to being more expensive than they realize. Taxis can cost you EC $30-$40 for trips around the city since this is the standard fare. Just be careful to keep an eye on your budget and you will be okay.

You can use English to talk with the locals. You may also be able to understand Creole, the language most widely spoken, which has some English in it. You can probably do it, but it will take some effort to decipher it.

In Grenada, they use electric sockets of type G, so bring an adapter. The standard voltage is 230V. 

The capital St George is a beautiful town to stroll around. From there, you can drive to Belmont estate, the well- known organic cocoa production. You can also see the crater lake and seven sisters waterfall at St. Andrew. Grenada is popular for its rum. Westerhall Rum Distillery will inform you of the whole process.

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