The Grand Canyon National Park elevates the glory of northern Arizona landscape. The Canyon attains a depth of over a mile. Plus, thanks to the Colorado River, this landmark stretches wide across 18 miles (29 km). Undoubtedly, the Grand Canyon is a behemoth to explore expanding up to 277 miles in length. You need to visit the national park with a plan if you hope to conquer this pristine sandstone giant.

Fun Fact: The word “canyon” is widely used in the United States, and the term “gorge” is widely used in Europe. They are essentially the same thing in structure. So, the Grand Canyon is a gorge carved by the Colorado River.


Flagstaff is the closest and most convenient place where you can head for Grand Canyon National Park. This town is just 70 miles from the park. If you travel from Flagstaff, you will enter the park at the southern rim. If you want to enter via the northern rim, then you should depart from Jacob Lake. 


March through May is the best time to visit. During these months the snow melts and the temperatures rise to a comfortable level. Plus, there are few tourists during this time of the year compared to the peak season, summer.


Those who love a slice of adventure will squeal at the prospect of hiking the majestic canyon. Bright Angel and Rim trails are some popular paths that you can follow. The south rim trails are well-worn. If you want to taste the rugged and isolated beauty of the Grand Canyon, then the north rim is where you will want to hike. North Kaibab trail is one of the better trails in the northern rim. Rafting in the Colorado River is another epic experience you cannot miss.


There are hotels inside the park, but they are expensive. If you are on a budget, then you should opt to camp. You will need a permit if you plan to camp anywhere besides the designated campgrounds. Bring your lunch to the park with you from local delis or eat at a café. Thanks to the numerous shuttle buses, it is convenient to get around the park. 

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