Since 1965, the Gateway Arch has stood as the tallest human-made monument in the western hemisphere. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, the Gateway Arch attracts hundreds of tourists. It is not just an arch to gawk at but also the tallest accessible building in Missouri.


The largest airport in St. Louis is the St. Louis Lambert International Airport. It is easy to reach the city by using a MetroLink transfer ticket from the airport. You can also arrive in St. Louis via car on Interstate 70 West. There are also Greyhound and Megabus bus services from Chicago, Dallas, Little Rock, Kansas City, Memphis, Columbia, and Bloomington.


The climate in St. Louis is extreme. The summer in July and August is brutal, and the winter in January and February is uncomfortably freezing. It is hard for those who cannot deal with extreme weather to visit St. Louis. Furthermore, thunderstorms can rear their heads at any time of the year. October and November have moderate temperatures and are thus the best months to see the Gateway Arch, which is open from 8 AM – 10 PM.


The Gateway Arch is an addition to the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. The memorial is a vast area with parks and ponds, but the Gateway Arch is the supreme monument. Riding the cable car up the Gateway Arch is a memorable yet claustrophobic experience. It is better to walk to the top in summer, as the tickets sell out fast. There is also a museum below the Arch, the Museum of Westward Expansion (the museum closes in 2017 for CityArchRiver Project). Nearby there is the Old Courthouse and Cathedral on the shores of the Mississippi River.


The standard voltage is 110 V – 115 V. If your devices do not work on dual voltage, then remember to bring a converter. The sockets are three or two prong plugs, bring an adapter to suit the outlet. For more information check out our international socket types reference page. 

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