Dominica has an official name of the Commonwealth of Dominica. It is a sovereign island country in the Lesser Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea. The Island is southeast of Guadeloupe and also northwest of Martinique. The capital city is Roseau.

The official language is English. Also, French is popular here. The predominant religion is Roman Catholicism.

The official currency is East Caribbean Dollar. The approximate exchange rate is EC$2.7 for US$1. The currency exchange is available at banks and bureaus de change. American Express and Visa credit cards are acceptable widely, with MasterCard less. ATMs are available around the island.

Taxis are multiple and efficient. The government sets the prices, so there is no need to tip the driver. If you want, you can hire a car. Although, keep in mind that rural roads are rather tricky to navigate. Also, cars drive on the left side of the road here. 

In Dominica, they use electric sockets and plugs of types D and G. The standard voltage is 230V. 

The tourist industry in Dominica was developing slower, than in the neighboring countries. It is the destination for mostly hiking in the rainforests or visiting cruise ships. However, in the recent years, the country had a successful marketing campaign, presenting itself as the “nature island of the Caribbean”, and attracting eco-tourists from all over the world.

The most famous tourist spots in Dominica are the Indian River in Portsmouth, Trafalgar Falls, Emerald Pool and the Scotts Head, a place, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Also, Dominica owns the world’s second largest boiling lake, which is located inside Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

By the way, Dominica was a primary location for filming second and third parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Hampsted Beach, the Indian River, the Londonderry River, Soufriere and Vieille Case were among the places, selected for filming.

The country is home to isolated finds. In addition to odd discoveries, tourists will find a large swathe of rainforest and misty mountains. These provide a verdant green background for trekking activities. The island also offers hot sulfur springs, waterfalls, snorkeling, and swimming.

However, interested travelers should take note that there are no direct international flights. It also lacks beach resorts and also does not have high-end lodgings.

Still, it is worthwhile to see this magnificent land! Must-see destinations include Toucari Bay, a small fishing village on the northwest coast of Dominica, and the Waitukubuli National Trail, an 115-mile hike from the southern end of the island to the Cabrits National Park in the northwest.

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