Curaςao is part of the “Dutch ABC islands” alongside Aruba and Bonaire. The Netherlands rule over these islands. The ABC islands sport the pastel-colored buildings which are a remarkable feature of Netherland. However, the culture here is a mixture of Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Dutch is the official language. English and Spanish are also widely popular. Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion. Electric sockets are of types A and B. The standard voltage is 127V. So, you don’t need an adapter, if you are coming from the USA

The official currency is the Netherlands Antilles Guilder. However, US Dollars are also acceptable widely. You can exchange other currencies in banks and bureaus de change. You can use all major international credit and debit cards. There are also some ATMs available if you need to withdraw cash. 

There are beautiful beaches, museums and shopping areas for tourists to visit. The Queen Juliana Bridge and Queen Emma Bridge handle the maritime traffic. It is a joy to watch the bridge open and close to the passing ships. Postal and Maritime Museum are in Willemstad, open from 900-1600. Furthermore, floating markets in the port are bustling hubs of vendors. You should not miss the excitement of shopping on mini-boats!

Adventure travelers have several opportunities on this tiny island. Hato Caves are the mysterious caves where you can go “spelunking” (cave-diving) among the colony of notorious bats. Plus, Marine Park is an excellent place to go diving and snorkeling. Also, Curaςao is a treasure trove of national parks. You can stroll leisurely through the lush green forests that display years of history and unique cave paintings.

Getting Around

There is no rain to interrupt your trip, only fresh breezes to rejuvenate your mood. Hato International airport has frequent flights from New York and Miami. If you are taking a cruise, then you will end up at the Curaςao Mega Pier.

The size of the island is not so huge that you can’t explore everything, and not so small that there is nothing to see. Thus, it is the perfect size to travel by car. Just rent a car, and you can visit wherever suits you on the island. The public transit system includes Konvoi (metro buses) and BUS (mega car). However, they are infrequent and unreliable. You can take taxis to primary locations if you do not want to rent a car.

Taxis are multiple and the fares are standard. However, you should still agree on the price beforehand. Tuk-tuk mini-taxis are available in Willemstad. Also, you can rent a car at the airport, in the main hotels, and in the capital. 

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