The Chitwan district is in southwest Nepal. The region is named after Chitwan Valley, which is situated between the Mahabharat and Siwalik ranges in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

Things To Do In Chitwan

Chitwan region has a unique and rich presence of diverse flora and fauna. But above all, Chiwan is famous for Rhinos and Elephants.

Chitwan National Park

elephants tour_chitwan national park_nepal_PD

The Chitwan National Park is the first and biggest national park in Nepal.

Rhino in Chitwan National Park Nepal_PD

Rhino in Chitwan National Park Nepal_PD

Along with Parsa Wildlife Reserve, it presents such rare species of animals as the Bengal tiger, Rhinoceros, Gharial (South Asian Crocodile), Leopard, Indian Rock Python, Mugger (another species of Crocodile), and several species of Deer.

Crocodile in Chitwan National Park_Nepal_PD

Bishazari Lake

Bishazari Lake is near the Chitwan National Park. It is a favorite bird watching center and also harbors hosts of crocodiles.

Narayani River

The Narayani River is both the deepest and among the largest rivers in Nepal.

Religious Places

Famous religious and cultural landmarks of Bharatpur are:

  • Devghat
  • Ganeshthan Temple
  • Bageshwari Temple
  • Harihar Temple
  • Maula Kalika

Other Attractions

Other tourist attractions include:

  • Upardanghari Fort
  • Kasrra Durbar Palace
  • Bharatpur Covered Hall
  • Diyalo Bangala Palace


Narayangarh is the main shopping area in Bharatpur. It has recently become a commercial and retail center of Chitwan District, as well as the heart of the hospitality industry.

You’ll find hotels, lodges, restaurants and tourists hubs for every taste in Narayangarh.

Getting Around Chitwan

Buses, microbuses, and other land transport are available for travel outside the city. Within city limits, rickshaws, and hired cars are preferred.

The Mahendra East West Highway connects Bharatpur to different parts of the country. While another highway, which connects Bharatpur with Kathmandu, leads to the border of India.

Bharatpur Airport serves 7 to 11 flights a day to Kathmandu, operated by one government and four domestic airlines.

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