Buenos Aires! As the name suggests, it is “the city of good airs”. This port town is in the Argentine Republic and serves as a hub for those traveling throughout the country. It is rich in cultural heritage, though it is thoroughly modern. It’s a peak destination for urban adventurers as it is full of diversity. There are many great parts of this city to explore. Buenos Aires has the highest LGBT population.

The atmosphere in San Telmo is reminiscent of Prague. Medieval houses line lantern-lit cobblestone pathways. Nights come alive in a happening club scene.

Palermo is home to a bohemian population. There are funky boutiques, quirky bars, and also laid-back locals.

Sit quietly on your porch and enjoy the sunset in Belgrano. It is a quiet neighborhood with a refined lifestyle.

Caballito is a bustling part of the city. Here, you’ll find both ancient relics and classy pubs.

Puerto Madero is a posh area where ships dock. It is celebrated for both its nightlife and wild parties. Modern architecture spans the area, showcasing both upscale nightclubs and posh restaurants.

Microcento is very welcoming to travelers. It is pedestrian friendly and also great for window shopping. Prices are also reasonable here.

La Boca is an Argentinean district with beautiful charm. It is an intellectual part of the city which houses local history. Tribunales is home to the arts. It is a destination for theater shows.

Recoleta is where the rich and famous call home. It is where they live, relax, and also indulge. The elegant buildings in classic French style demonstrate high class. Here, you’ll enjoy the finest restaurants in the city, and you can also take a stroll on the burial ground of the rich in the Recoleta Cemetery.

Visit Buenos Aires, where you can experience everything in one place! You’ll marvel at both its history and its modern feel.

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