Prague is the abode of bohemian magic and the capital city of the Czech Republic. The surrounding hills, coupled with the chilly atmosphere, give it a fairytale touch. It’s a quiet holiday spot in the land of castles and churches. The warm neighborhood will put a smile on the face of any tourist. And also, Vltava river reflects the gold-rimmed towers on its clear waters.

The districts in Prague are known as Prahas. On the south, there are four prahas. The 2, 11, 4, 12 come from the South region. According to the old system, the north contains Praha 8, 9, 7. The peninsula beside Vltava River is in the south. The eastern prahas are 10, 14, 10, 15. These districts are quirky and fun to visit. On the west, there are the 5, 13 and 6. 

The Castle of Prague holds the essence of this beautiful city. Everything revolves around this magnificent castle. Its gallery, garden, and tower enhance the charm.

The Old Town region can be called the historical hub of Prague. The Tyn Church adds a gothic twist to the otherwise fairy-tale city. This region also has many historical churches and buildings for a visitor to look at. However, the new town is a worthy rival to Old Town. Wenceslas Square has chic boutiques, colorful stalls, quirky art nouveau hotels and fun discos.

A stroll on the Charles Bridge will also make you squeal with excitement. The bright displays of handmade jewelry and paintings fill the street. You can buy some gorgeous pieces of art as mementos. Josefov is the heaven of synagogues. Even though you are not religious, you can visit the preserved historic structures. In fact, Spanish Synagogue, The Old New Synagogue are the specimens of Moorish architecture.

You can also do adventurous activities like hiking on the Vitkov Hill. In fact, Prague is incredibly famous for the activity of escape room challenges. You can book the activity at Getaway Prague or Cryptex.

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