Budapest is the exuberant capital of Hungary. It stretches along both sides of Danube river. Life in the city here is also very enjoyable. Vibrant nightlife, a youthful atmosphere, and live music are all defining traits of Budapest. Two cities, both Buda and Pest, have been brought together to proudly become one.

Buda Hills, Óbuda, Castle Hills, and seven districts all lie to the west of the Danube River. There are also several districts in the east.  Seven famous bridges connect the entire city. Arpád Bridge, Elisabeth Bridge, Liberty Bridge, and Chain Bridge are among these iconic landmarks.

The Royal Palace holds the National Gallery. A trip through here leads you to a gorgeous courtyard guarded by fierce carved lions. Stroll through Hunyadi Garden which displays a brilliant bronze statue of Alajos Stróbl. An elevator will take you to the Savoyai Terrace. The view of the Danube river streaming through the city is spectacular.

The Hungarian parliament is but one example of Hungary’s outspoken valor. It is the largest parliament in Europe. Here, you can learn about Hungary’s rich political history. The State Opera House is a marvel of medieval Hungarian architecture. Hall of Art is heaven for artists-in-training. Those with no artistic talent will also enjoy this glimpse of modern Hungarian art. Vajdahunyad Castle is an amalgamation of three different architectural styles. The Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque come together to make a statement that is both bold and unique.

The House of Terror is a historical location to visit. Nazis held prisoners here. Every tourist must visit the Central Market Hall, a bustling marketplace with something for every taste. While you shop, enjoy the traditional street food.

Spend a day relaxing on Margaret Island. Both its tranquil atmosphere and pleasant scenery make it feel like a luxurious getaway. There are many churches here which are also worth a visit, including the Matthias Church and Rock Church. Be sure to examine both the Little Princess statue and Heroes’ Square. You won’t want to miss these historical monuments!.

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