Belize (formerly known as British Honduras) is a country on the eastern coast of Central America. It borders Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the southwest. The Caribbean Sea is in the east. Belize has the least dense population in Central America. However, it has the second highest population growth rate in the region.

Belize once was a British colony, but now it is an independent member of Commonwealth. Due to its rich history, the country has a diverse society, composed of many different languages and cultures. The official language is English. However, more than half of the country’s population is multilingual.

The official currency is Belize Dollar. The approximate exchange rate is BZ$2 for US$1. The currency exchange is available in banks, hotels and travel agencies. Also, US Dollars are widely accepted. You can use credit cards. However, most establishments will add a 5% service charge to your bill, if you pay with a card. ATMs are also accessible in most cities and towns. 

Taxis are widely available in urban areas and inexpensive. They don’t have meters, so you need to negotiate the price beforehand. Also, all cities and towns in Belize are walkable. However, if you want to hire a car, you can do it from one of the plentiful international and local companies. Cars drive on the right side of the road here. However, roads outside of the capital are bumpy and have a lot of potholes. Accidents are also rather frequent. 

 In Belize, they use electric sockets of type A, so you don’t need to bring an adapter coming from the USA. However, the voltage can be either 110V or 220V, keep that in mind.
Belize offers a vast web of both national parks and wildlife-protected areas. They provide a safe home for various animals, including Baird’s tapir, Belize’s national animal.

The country’s rivers and lagoons are home to over 570 species of bird. Its popular trekking trails play host to spider monkeys, coatimundis, peccaries, and green iguanas. Belize also boasts adventure for the brave souls out there. Dive into the Blue Hole, zoom through the jungle canopy on a zip line, jump down dizzying waterfalls on a rappel or crawl through ancient cave systems.

The country has breathtaking national parks. These include both the Mayflower Bocawina National Park and Shipstern Nature Reserve. Also popular is Río Bravo, where both horseback riding and hiking packages are available. For underwater adventurers, Belize boasts its Barrier Reef. It is the second largest in the world.

Belize is famous for its coral reefs, Punta music, and September Celebrations. There are two September holidays in Belize. First one is Battle of St. George’s Caye Day, also called the National Day, which is celebrated on September 10, since 1898. The second one is Independence Day, celebrated on September 21, since 1981. The annual celebrations include the Queen of the Bay Pageant, the Citizens Parade on the 10th and Uniform Parade on the 21st, Carnival, concerts, talent shows, and much more.

If you’re looking for a trip unlike any other, visit Belize!

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