Austin is the vibrant capital and the new silicon valley of Texas located in the center of the state. The city has seen bad days during the American Civil War and the Great Depression, but it has recovered well. Locals want to preserve the unique identity of Austin. The techy and hip atmosphere is all the more appealing for travelers who are seeking something new.

Live Music Capital

In the North Central, there are posh buildings and historical landmarks which are pleasing to the eye. You can stroll through the iconic landmarks and stop for coffee at affordable cafes. Downtown is the busiest part of the city. Furthermore, you can attend live music events in any corner of Austin. It is not called the “Live music capital of the world” for nothing.

In the East, you will find an ethnically diverse ambiance. The lively scene of cultures from all over the world coming together is exhilarating. The University of Texas and the Drag have a high student population. Thus, you can expect cheap cafes, hotels, and tons of galleries for wannabe-artists. For quirky museums, the University campus area is the place to go. 

Every city has different neighborhoods which reflect the vibe of the city. In South Austin, there are many residential neighborhoods which are fun to discover. The Northwest has high-tech company buildings and upscale boutiques and showrooms.

The Zilker Metropolitan Park has many suitable picnic spots and trekking trails. Plus, you can browse through art galleries, open-air museums, and science museums. Bookaholics can find their haven in the LBJ Presidential Library.

Landmarks are prime spots for visitors. However, in Austin, you will not find many buildings or monuments which are historical. The exception is the Texas State Capitol Building which serves as a landmark.  If you want to have a closer look at the culture, then go weird. Visit the Congress Street Bridge which houses the largest urban bat colony. The bridge is called the Bat Bridge from March to November. In addition, Balcones Uplift is where you can view the proud city’s entire skyline.

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