The magnificent epitome of Angkorian architecture is the temple of Angkor Wat (in Cambodia) which remains as one of the world’s earliest Megacities. Amidst the dark forests of Great Lake, a thousand Hindu temples are scattered throughout the land.

Your trip can start from the city of Siem Reap. The cost of the hotels ranges from $1.2 – $12 per night. It will consist of basic amenities if you pay $2-$8. But if you want a luxurious stay in Angkor then $12 is a maximum for a single bedroom.

The traditional way of getting around in Siem Reap is renting a Tuk –Tuk. It is not a taxi, but more like a rickshaw on a bike. The driver can take you to any temple you want, throughout the day. And it costs just about $15.

Cambodian Riel or KHR has an exchange ratio of 4045:1 to US dollars. A happy meal at a good restaurant will not hurt your pocket, costing you only a meager $10. Cheaper meals inside the temple are available in small stalls. Expect to pay $2 minimum for a meal at these food stalls.

Do not worry about where to plug your phone charger. A voltage converter is all you need. Those who are from the USA need a voltage converter to change the voltage from 100V T-127 V. Asian, European, Britisher, and African tourists will have no problem whatsoever because the standard of their appliance is 220-240V. To be safer take a travel power adapter with you.

If you want to explore the various sites in the complex like Angkor Wat, the Bayon, Elephant Terrace, East Mebon, Preah Khan Preah Ko then you need a permit. There are permits of various validities. The one with one-day validity costs $20, and for a week permit is $60. It is the smart way of seeing this pristine UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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