Winter is a season to rejoice.Who doesn’t love the snow -capped mountains?  The misty forests are a joy to behold. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Winter is not only for cuddling up inside your comforter but for traveling as well. Snow- flakes are dancing before you. Don’t they tempt you to go outside and explore? A winter landscape is a joy for the soul. Here are a few cities for winter travelers to visit.


norway-lapland-tromso-fjord_PDThe best place to watch northern lights. Every man on this earth wants to witness this unique phenomenon at least once. The shooting lights on Arctic region will be a sight to behold. You will see an aurora of colors in front of your eyes, surrounded by snow-laden landscape. A once in a lifetime experience.

Tromso has many things you can do except watching the northern lights. You can visit the Polar Museum. The guides will explain to you about the expeditions people do here. Perspektivet in Storgata is a museum which will give you information on the Norwegian art. The best restaurant here is Arcantandria. Its shellfish is always on demand.


Your best option is here. Prague is not very popular among tourists. It is mostly free during winter months. Hence it will be great to tour around in the winter months. The old style town is something out of a fairytale. Snow covers the Romanesque architecture. Making it look mysterious.

Cobblestone paths lined with snow and gas lights on the streets give a touch of middle age to it. In the evening the city comes alive with rays from gas lamps. It bathes the city in a beautiful tinge of golden. The cold can be harsh. But the Choco Café is a savior. You can visit it in Old Town.

Sip a tall glass of hot chocolate. It is rich and will keep you warm. This little place has a five-star hotel The Alchymist. There is a spa present here as well. The Lokal Dlouha is the best place to down a plate of beef tenderloin and cream sauce. Sounds yummy…


The best thing you can do here is skiing. It was the host of winter Olympics. So it is an excellent opportunity for doing winter sports. The wooden temples here are ages old. History buffs can have their day inZenko-Ji temple. After hiking, you can visit the natural hot springs. They are a relief during winter.

The Togakushi Minzoku-Kan Museum tells the folklore of Nagano. The history of Ninjas is interesting to know. When you crave a pizza head to Qui E la. It is located inside a home in the woods. It offers some of the best pizzas in Japan. Enjoy the winter charm in woods with a hot pizza in your mouth.

Hakuba Happoone Winter Resort_PDOTTAWA, CANADA

Winter is a festive season. You cannot spend it without celebrating a festival. While you are in Ottawa, don’t miss the Winterlude festival. It is one of the largest winter festivals around the world. The ice sculptures and concerts are a joy to watch. They take place at the end of January to February 17.

Another must watch the Christmas lights scheme in Canada. You will be amazed to see beautiful monuments decorated with Christmas lights all across the city. Rideau Canal is the largest ice rink in the world. You can skate away in this canal. The Arc Hotel is a cozy restaurant which will provide you a fireplace. What more can you ask for during winter?

winter in canada_CCHorseshoe Falls in Winter By Stilfehler  CC BY-SA 1.0


Die Berliner Republik is a restaurant where you will enjoy not only your drink but also your beer. The currywurst is its specialty. You can even get the drinks at low prices if you order it way ahead of time. Berlin is popular for its Christmas shopping destinations. You can feel the excitement of festival in this city. From kids to oldies everyone enjoys their winter shopping here.

Rote Rathaus at Mitte is a fun spot for shopping for children. If you want, intricately handcrafted goods then go to Gendarmenmarkt. The market complex Kathe Wohlfahrt is open throughout the year. It provides all kinds of goods from cute candles to chic dresses for Christmas. You will have to choose from 546 ice cream parlors if you want a tasty ice cream. Berlin is a yes-yes when its comes to winter.


Edinburgh oozes class. Everything about it is refined and perfect. The old style buildings and cobbled streets make it look like something out of middle age. You can stroll on Arthur’s seat. The view from the top is breathtaking. There is Virgin Atlantic service here, So it is no more a problem to travel to Edinburgh.

The Prince Street garden is lovely to watch during winter. The large shadow of the castle looms above the garden. The snow covered garden with a giant Ferris wheel seems like a movie. You can skate around the huge Christmas tree in Prince Street garden. It is appropriate for those who want a quiet winter vacation to themselves.

winter-city_CCEdinburgh Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland by Magnus Hagdorn CC BY-SA 2.0


The museums tend to be less crowded during winter. You can visit the Rijksmuseum. It is the popular one in Amsterdam. 717 boutique hotel is a place where you can while you are In Amsterdam. It is a five-star hotel. Nothing compares to the treatment of this hotel. But if you crave some Dutch food you can head to Restaurant Greetje.

5296203846_10a6d612e0_z_CCAmsterdam winter panorama by Rafael Puerto CC BY-SA 4.0

Royal Carre Theater is a place where artists from around China, Korea, and Russia perform. Your kids will have much fun here. It is a circus. Which kid doesn’t love a circus? If you are looking for some Christmas shopping options Spiegelkwartier, Haarlemmerstraat, and Megan Straatjes are the places to go. A family trip to Amsterdam during winter sounds excellent.

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