Road route will take you on a journey to savor. People around the world are taking their time of the weekend to hit the road. It is thrilling to discover the landscape from your car window. Road trips give you a sense of freedom. You drive into the wildness of nature. Some of the impressive road routes of Europe are listed below.


It starts from Oberes Nasfeld ending in Franz Joefs hohe. There is nothing you will miss while on this road trip. You will go from dark tunnels to sunny meadows.The winding road will take you through the mighty mountainside. You will finally reach and see a winter landscape. гросглокнер-обсерватория-каринтия_PD


This road route connects Eide and Averoy. The route is eight kilometers long. It connects all small islands in this area. The Atlantic road is toll-free. The main thing that attracts roadies is the highest bridge. Storseisundet is one of the eight bridges. When the wind is wild, you will love driving on this highest bridge. The turn in the bridge is beautiful to watch. The stunning view of mountains sticking out of sea will leave you in awe.

норвегия-atlanterhavsveien-шторм_PDLA ROUTE DES GRANDES ALPS, FRANCE

One of the earliest roads built by the road enthusiasts. It was built when the car was starting to gain importance. The Touring Club decided to make a route. The route would connect all the Alpine passes. You will find sixteen passes while you drive along this road. You can stop and visit the national parks-Ecrins, Queyras, Mercantour, Vanoise. The scenic beauty of Geneva Lake will lead to the blue Mediterranean sea. You can also feed your hunger with delicious food found while on the road.

Image_Col_d´Iseran_Val_d´Isère_F_CCCol d´Iseran Val d´Isère F by Philipendula CC BY 2.5


The Dracula’s country attracts many tourists. The mystery and myths surrounding Romania make it more prone to road trips. Finding out the legends of Romania will be exciting. The road tears its way through Fagaras mountain. It is the highest mountain in the country.image_transfagarasan_PDThe trip will lead you to Poienari fortress. The intimidating fortress is the reason behind so many myths. It is the breeding ground of vampire legends. The Carpathian scenery is a raw beauty. Adventure lovers can take a ride on mountain bikes. The frozen hillside in August is impressive.


This 200-kilometer long route has all you could ever ask for. It will take you on a ride along the Iveragh Peninsula. You will witness the deep valleys and high mountains. The slopes will give in to cliff coastlines. The white sand beaches are places you can stop and relax.

Killarney National Park – Ring of Kerry, IrelandKillarney National Park — Ring of Kerry, Ireland by Tony Webster CC BY 2.0

There is a small village Sneem on the route. It has cute renovated Thatch-roofed houses. There are many attractive spots in this road route. The Blue Pool Nature Reserve, Rossbeigh beach, Torc waterfall are natural beauties you cannot miss. The Ross Castle and the Stone circles are architectural wonders to behold.


The Romantic Road is named so after the landscape it provides. It was built around 1950. If you are with your partner, you should prefer this road route. The ride will take you through the medieval villages. The magnificent castles will give a fairy-tale feel. The road will lead you to Schwerin Castle. You will love what you see here.

The Romantic Road will surely bring out the romantic in you. The rustic landscape and baroque castles make an incredible view.

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