Saudi Arabia mirrors the true Arabian culture. It is a conservative country. You will have to respect the rich traditions of Arabian people. Saudi Arabia is more than the Sheikhs. You will enjoy the coastal beauties and exotic sceneries of the country. Visit these mind blowing places and you will want to go there again and again.


Saudi Arabia might be known as the country of the elite class. Everyone likes to live in luxury here. Farasan Island has many beaches which are privately owned by many billionaires. You can visit the sunny beach. Enjoy the salty breeze while you watch beautiful birds. It is a heaven for bird watchers.

image_farasan_islands_CCFarasan Islands by Wajahat Mahmood CC BY-SA 2.0

There are a variety of mangrove species on the islands. You can discover it in your time. Not only does this islands provide you natural beauty but it also has historical sites worth a visit.


Challenge the horizon on this majestic place. The name perfectly fits the place. “Edge of the World” it is something you would hear in a movie or book. In reality, it is a vast expanse of golden sands. Cliffs of Tuswaiq Escarpment change to plains littered Acacia trees.

grand-canyon-desert_PDIt feels as if the sands go on and on.For adventure, you can trek on dangerous cliffs of Tuwaiq. The view of the sunset from the top is priceless. Orange twinge washes over the golden plains.


The defining feature of the place is tombs of Nabatean people. An area is made immemorial by its history and natural beauty. Madain Saleh has all of it. The age old tombs abound in history. Its scenic setting makes it excellent.

image_meda'in_saleh_CCMadain Saleh by Sammy Six CC BY 2.0

You can also visit the nearby town Al-Ula. It is an oasis which boasts a mud village. You will feel the history with the primitive tokens of past. There are many museums which will enrich your knowledge.


The wonderful winds blow over the crater. It is situated 700 kilometers south of Riyadh. The area is covered in lava fields. It is a unique beauty of nature. The salts pans are spread across the landscape.

image_wahbah_crater_CCWahbah Crater by SariSabban CC BY-SA 3.0

You will find an oasis in the region too. Just pitch your tent here. Enjoy the fantastic scenery.


Exotic is the word which represents Saudi Arabia. Taif is a city of the mountain. The wonderful portrait of haunting peaks will greet your window. Taif has been taken out of your dream. The flowers across the valleys make a rosy picture. You will catch a whiff of roses as you walk through the city.

image_taifroad_CCTaifroad by Richard Ambler CC BY-SA 3.0

It is placed unlike anywhere else in the world. Saudi Arabia is not just roses. You will also get a chance of trekking and mountaineering here.

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