Travel movies will inspire you to explore the unknown paths and the uncharted world. They will wake up the gypsy in you. There are many movies which have been made on wanderlust. You can hop on your couch and grab your comforter to enjoy some of the best travel movies of all times. You can start it tonight. Because maybe after this multi-day movie marathon, your feet will have no time to rest. Here is a list of our top 10 travel movies of all time:


It is an incredible movie shot in Tokyo. We have Bill Murray as Bob and Scarlett Johansson as Charlotte. Both of them are from two totally different worlds. Bob is an actor suffering from fading popularity. Charlotte is a neglected housewife of a photographer. Together they explore the new country. Lost in translation presents a gripping plot studded with hilarious incidents. It will make you want to fly to Tokyo and experience this strange city.

aoraki-mount-cook-mountain_PDLORD OF THE RINGS

An epic movie of all times. It is set in the scenic beauty of New Zealand. Frodo makes an adventurous journey to cracks of doom to destroy the ring of the dark lord. It portrays mighty mountains of New Zealand and its forests. Everyone who needs a lord of rings tour can visit the cool glaciers and enjoy the landscape.

alaska-seward-highway-road-forest_PDINTO THE WILD

A top athlete and brilliant student Christopher McCandless sets out on a hike to Alaska. After graduating from Emory University he gives away his $25,000. And goes on this tour which is filled with random adventure and interesting people he meets on the way. Travelers very well understand how much you crave to wander with abandonment. That is what travel is all about. Into the wild is a travel movie based on the true story which will teach you a true traveler’s philosophy.

thailand-phang-nga-bay-beach-sea_PDTHE BEACH

A Danny Boyle’s movie based on a novel of the same name. Young Richard travels to Thailand. Where he finds a map that might lead him to a mysterious solitary beach. This movie is all about following your instinct and search for adventure. It teaches us about the difference between hopes and reality of travel. And all female travelers you are in for an eye candy. You can’t help but drool over shirtless Leonardo DiCaprio swimming in Thai beaches.

peru-andes-mountains-heaven_PDTHE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES

This travel movie is based on memoirs of Che Guevara. He and his friend hit the roads of south America covering a distance of 14000 km. They journey for eight months on a motorcycle discovering magnificent rainforests and majestic deserts of south America. The trip changes Guevara from a doctor to a revolutionary. It’s percent direction and amazing scenes will force you to sit atop your motorcycle and ride to South America.

india-taj-mahal-agra-grave-temple_PDINDIANA JONES

One of the best movies ever made in the world of cinema. Any movie of Indiana Jones will turn you into an adventure seeker. Indiana Jones took us on a journey from Egypt to India. Traveling around the world solving the mystery. This fictional movie has inspired many to become a traveler. It contains mythological details and cultural description of every land Indy visited. How can it not be interesting with all these?


Released in 1991 this movie started many controversies. Two women Thelma and Louise set out on a two-day trip to the American west. But their lives take a “U-turn”. They end up running away from the authorities. This poignant tale is about two ladies who dared to follow their wanderlust. We don’t recommend you to point your guns at anyone but you sure can drive anywhere you want like Thelma and Louise.


The plot describes the German mountaineer Heinrich Harrer and his time in Tibet. It’s about his experience with Dalai lama. Seven years in Tibet was released in the year 1997. You can see Heinrich (Bradd Pitt ) moving through the ranges. It will give you a glimpse of Tibetan culture. The travel movie does not stick to facts but it will give you an idea about the journey.


A movie based on the novel by Cheryl Strayed of the same name. This novel (and the film as well) has become so hyped. It’s the account of Cheryl’s life. She hikes the Pacific crest trail with her heavy backpack. She goes through this journey to cope up with her drug addiction and mother’s death. The angst of Cheryl can be felt in the book, and in the movie, Reese Witherspoon has done a commendable job to bring the character to life. A movie that not only shows the physical but mental journey of a broken soul. Wild is a must watch travel movie.


If any of the above-mentioned movies haven’t brought you tears we are sure this will. A backpacker Ethan Hawke meets beautiful french woman Julie Delpy on a train. They instantly click and share an intense chemistry. They decide to spend twelve hours in Vienna then get back to their lives. Ethan and Julie share stories, life experiences, and jokes. But eventually, they know that they have to bid goodbye to each other before sunrise.

The poignancy of the story will tug at your heartstrings. How often do we travelers regret moving away from a place too soon ?what we feel when people we meet can’t be permanent in our always dynamic life? How often do we travelers regret moving away from a place too soon? What do we feel when people we meet can’t be permanent in our life? Life is always changing, moving, but sometimes you may want to take control and seize the opportunity.

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