The 126-year-old Yosemite National Park stands supreme among the United States National Parks. More than 4 million people come to Yosemite to enjoy its serenity and unmatched beauty. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this pristine 700,000 acres of wilderness is in the Eastern California. The winding 800 miles of trails, which span across an area of 1200 square miles, make this national park appealing to millions of trekkers from all around the world.


There are four different ways to enter the park. However, State Route 140 from Mariposa is a scenic route and comparatively less crowded than the other routes. On the other hand, State Route 120 poses problems during winter, even though it is the fastest way to the park.


Winters are full of troubles for those who choose to drive to Yosemite National Park. Plus, Summers are too congested to land a parking space. Fall and Spring are the best time to visit if you plan to drive. Lack of parking is one reason why visitors from overseas take the YARTS Shuttle system to enter the park. Otherwise, you can book a tour bus that gives you a full tour of the Yosemite Valley.


The Half Dome is a world famous monolith known for its rounded top. You can also visit the namesake of the park, Yosemite Falls. This impressive waterfall comes in at the height of 2,425 ft. Other falls in the park include the Nevada Fall, Vernal Fall, and Bridalveil Fall. After hiking these lofty heights, take a break by basking in the beauty of the Sierra Redwood trees in Mariposa Grove. Just north of the grove is the notorious Wawona Hotel. Crane Flat, Tuolumne Meadows, and Glacier Point are other places to discover if you have enough time. 


Inside the park, there are many lodging options regarding camps and hotels. However, these camps and hotels can get crowded quickly. The best way to avoid the rush is to stay outside the park in Mariposa, Lee Vining, and Groveland and then drive back each day.


The standard voltage in the USA is 110V. Tourists from Asia, Europe, and Africa need to bring a step-down transformer with them. Travel adapters that fit the American standard sockets are a must to charge your mobile phones.

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