The Flavian Amphitheater, most commonly known as the Colosseum, seated fifty thousand spectators at one time. Now half of the 48-meter high amphitheater is in ruins. However, that does not diminish its historical essence or appeal. Tourists flock to Italy just to have a glimpse of this historical landmark.


If you are near Piazza Venezia (the heart of Rome), then the Via Dei Fori Imperiali roadway will connect you to the Colosseum. Plus, there are plenty of buses that will help you get there. Although, exploring the ancient Roman ruins on foot has a certain magical appeal.

Taking the metro is another viable option for the ones who prefer public transportation. If you stay at a nearby hotel, you can take a 15-minute walk from Termini Station to see the Colosseum multiple times in a day if that suits you.


Spring, Summer, and Fall are all busy times. You cannot get a free day at the Colosseum as it is the most visited Italian monument. If you arrive early, you will have a better chance at getting an unspoiled view of the amphitheater. All the gates open at 8:30 am. So if you arrive a tad bit early, you will fly through the security checks.

You can also buy tickets online on and then you will only have to stand in line for the security check. Otherwise, the line for purchasing tickets at the Colosseum is long. If you prefer to buy a ticket in person, you can do so at Palatine Hill, which is just 200 m from the Colosseum. This area is much less crowded, and a ticket will apply to both Palatine Hill and the Colosseum. 


There are intelligent archaeologists around the corner from the monument who will offer you a guided tour for $6 or more. The interior of the Colosseum is vast, and you will need someone to help you understand its various parts.

Other than Palatine Hill, which is nearby, the Baths of Trajan in the garden of Colle Oppio and the Roman Forum display spectacular Roman ruins.


Italy uses 220V- 240V devices. If you are from Asia, Africa or Europe, you will not have a problem.  If you are not from one of the areas mentioned above, then you will need a voltage transformer to step up the voltage. The hotels have American Standard sockets, so travelers from the U.S. need not worry about adapters.

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