Sphinx – the limestone masterpiece is a symbol of Egypt. Half human and half lion- this structure represents the King Khafre – who lived 4500 years ago. Visiting the Pyramids is unfulfilled if you do not see the Sphinx.


After reaching the Giza Railway station take a taxi. Make sure you sit in the Black and white taxis( few in number), which use meters. It is unsafe for Solo female travelers to travel to Egypt, so be careful when negotiating. The Careem app also helps in booking cabs without hassle.


The temperature in Giza is always scalding, but the best time of the year is winter. Take a stop at the Pyramids then the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau, drive yourself around if you can and come back in the evening for the light show. Even though you visit in water, make sure you stay hydrated.


Northwest of Pyramid of Cheops is the Sphinx. You can book a tour to have a detailed trip of the Pyramids and the Sphinx. In the morning you can visit the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis, and enjoy the ancient sites. During the night the light show makes the sky above the Sphinx come above. The charm of the desert gets enhanced by horse and camel rides which take you to your destinations. Sphinx is not as huge as you see in picture, but its elegance makes up for the size. In mornings it gets hard to get a clear picture here because of tourist crowds. But evenings are cool and quiet.


Egypt uses standard voltage of 220 V. So, visitors from America and Canada need a convertor to change the voltage of their appliances. You also need an adapter to fit the Type E socket. Check our page of International Socket conventions for further details.

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