Siargao is one of the best island destinations in the Philippines. It is located in the province of Surigao del Norte, found in Mindanao. Siargao is known not only as a surfing destination but also, a destination that will exceed your expectations.

It will surprise you with lots of natural wonders and picturesque views. In this destination guide, we will give you a complete list of all the best things to do in Siargao. 

How to get there

It’s a good thing that we don’t have to endure a 14 to 16-hour road trip anymore, as airline companies have newly opened routes to Siargao (well if you’re not really fond of long trips).

There are two ways on how you can arrive at this beautiful island. Here are your travel options:

Davao to Siargao via bus

If you come from Davao and you want a thrilling way to go to Siargao, then going there via bus or private car would be your best option. From Davao City, you travel to Butuan City, that’s about 8-9 hours. From Butuan, take another bus going to Surigao proper for 3.5-4 hours. When you reach Surigao, scout for a bus or a tricycle that will take you to Surigao port, or what is also known as Dapa port. Yes, you’ll have a ferry ride there that will take about 2.5-4 hours.

Siargao via plane

For people who want to skip the long hour of travel, going via plane is your perfect option. It will only take 1 hour and 30 minutes. Your point of origin can be Manila, Cebu, or Davao.

Getting Around Siargao

Getting around Siargao is easy and convenient. Thanks to the accessibility of motorcycles! You can scout for a ride worth $0.40 (Php 20) up to $1 (Php 50) per head, depending on how far your desired destination is. You can also rent a bike or a motorbike, and explore Siargao on your own. Rates are around $5 (Php 250) for bikes, and $7.70 – $8.70 (Php 400-Php 450) for motorbikes – a rough estimate.

Transportation in Siargao

What to do

The small island of Siargao is strongly known for surfing. To all non-surfers, don’t worry because you’ll get to enjoy Siargao just as much as surfers do. Activities that can be experienced here are the following:

Island Hopping

Island hopping tour is one of the exciting activities that you can do while in Siargao. There are three famous islands that you can visit: Naked Island, or just like a sandbar; Guyam Island, just like the Naked island, but with vegetation, yet still secluded and uninhabited; and last but not the least, Daku Island where you can rent huts and stay for the night.

Eat a lot

Siargao is one small piece of heaven for seafood lovers! Don’t dare leave this place without trying their local specialties and different kinds of fresh seafood. You can go to their market early in the morning and buy fresh catch.

Wander around

Did you know that you can rent a motorbike for just $8 a day? If not, then maybe you should try this out! Wander around. See how locals live. Have a chit-chat with the locals. 

Sunrise and sunset watching

This would make a perfect sense when you find time to wake up early in the morning waiting for sunrise, and relaxing by the beach while waiting for the sun to set. After these, you’ll see how amazing our world is!

Sunset watching


Nightlife in Siargao? Why not! Party like there’s no tomorrow! Check out nightlife spots and drink your favorite booze. Suggestion: Go to Nine Bar and party in the island.


You surely can’t get enough of Siargao and wonder, Where else should I go? Not to worry anymore as this guide promises you a complete list. Here are the other attractions and side trips that you can take advantage of, while in Siargao:

Cloud 9

You’ve never been to the island of Siargao without visiting Cloud 9, and having a photo taken at the famous Cloud 9 boardwalk. This rustic wooden walkway allows non-surfer tourists enjoy watching surfers hit the waves.

Cloud 9 Boardwalk

Magpupungko Tidal Pool

If there’s one attraction that Siargao is proud of, it would be the Magpupungko Tidal Pool. Nature must be so kind to bless this place with a stunning natural attraction. The famous rock formations creates a pool that is only visible when it is low tide. Thus, best time to go here is when tides are low.

Magpupungko Tidal Pool, Siargao

Tak Tak Falls

The Tak Tak Falls is not your ordinary falls, as you can go cliff jumping and tree jumping here. Try not to miss this attraction because this is the one and only falls of Siargao.

Sugba Lagoon

In the middle of Magnificent Rock formation and mangroves, there lies the beautiful Sugba Lagoon. Sugba Lagoon is located about an hour travel from the main town where most accommodations are. This attraction is also a must-visit for its extremely clear blue waters. 

If you’re up to some kind of adventure, you can rent a stand up paddle board, a bamboo raft, and a kayak. One of the most thrilling activities that you can do for FREE (yes, totally free!) here in Sugba Lagoon, is to jump from the diving platform!

Where to stay in Siargao

There are a lot of accommodations in Siargao that you can choose from. Whether you are traveling solo or in groups, you will surely get a decent place to rest. Most accommodations are found in General Luna, a home to the famous Cloud 9 boardwalk, and of course, surfing. 

Budget accommodations in Siargao can go from $4.80 (Php 250) per night to $28 (Php 1,500) per night; while luxury to really high-end accommodations are priced at $38.50 (Php 2,000) per night to $193 (Php 10,000) per night. 


The native tongue of locals in Siargao is Visayan, a dialect that is 99% similar to Cebuano. If you wonder how they converse to their tourists, well, they can also speak and converse to you in English.

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