Rio de Janeiro is a destination worth salivating over. We are not kidding! The world famous carnival and the gorgeous beaches make this Brazilian city a splendid place to visit. It is not only during the festive season that Rio de Janeiro comes to life, but throughout the year it has fantastic places you will love discovering.

Zona Sul is the southern part of the city, which has remarkable tourist destinations. The first and foremost is the Corcovado mountains. You will feel like you are on the top of the world when you see the giant Christ Redeemer statue. The panoramic view of Zona Sul from here is breathtaking and fantastic. You can hike up the mountain, take a cable car or you can even ride a train. It is your choice.

The north zone (Zona Norte) contains the city’s, as well as South America’s, largest football stadium, Maracana Stadium. In the west is Zona Oeste, which was the hosting area of the Rio Olympics- 2016. This part of Rio de Janeiro is dotted with white sandy beaches. At the heart of the city, you can find the important landmarks such as the National Museum of Fine Arts, Pedro Ernesto Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral and much more.

For getting around you can use taxis, buses, and cars. However, be warned that the traffic jams are severe and annoying. Metros are far more reliable and affordable for tourists. Beaches are a haven for travelers. You can walk on the wet sands and get a tan. The beaches of Rio de Janeiro are well kept; they have clean toilets and tents. Most of the beaches are bath worthy.

The lush forests of Tijuca National Park surround the Christ Redeemer monument. For adventure, you can go hiking on the nearby mountain range. Copacabana Beach, Real Gabinete Portugues da Leitura (library/gothic cathedral), Parque Lage (coffee shops inside a medieval park) are some other tourist spots.

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