Rio de Janeiro is a destination worth salivating over. We are not kidding! The world-famous Carnival and the gorgeous beaches make this Brazilian city a splendid place to visit.

It is not only during the festive season that Rio de Janeiro comes to life, but throughout the year it has fantastic places you will love discovering.

Things To Do In Rio de Janeiro

A vast sea and rugged mountains surround one of the biggest cities in the world. It overflows with scenic charm as well as cultural heritage.

This city was once the capital of Brazil. You will seldom see a city that is so well-planned. Rio de Janeiro has left no stone unturned when it comes to beautifying the city. Here are the remarkable places you must visit.



The massive statue of Christ with his outstretched arms is the first must-see destination in Brazil. This statue is the “Cristo Redentor” or the “Christ the Redeemer.”

Furthermore, the statue is built on the peak of Corcovado Mountain. Paul Landowski designed this epic statue.

You can reach the summit of Corcovado by a railway. Once you are here, there is a chapel inside the base of the statue. Enter its premises, and you can see various activities taking place there such as baptisms or weddings.  



Christ the Redeemer might be a symbol of Brazil, but Sugar Loaf Moutain beautifully defines the essence of Rio de Janeiro. Sugar Loaf towers above the harbor.

It connects to the mainland by a narrow strip from Morro de Urca to Praca General Tiburcio. Magnificent mountains cleave the sky, while calm sea swirls beneath.

The view from the top is worth a million dollars. When you come downhill, you can sightsee the three forts of Cara de Cão. There is also a beach, Praia da Urca, to calm your nerves after looking down from such heights.



This city has been the cultural hub of Brazil since time immemorial. Copacabana is a beach city, with golden sands at every end. The buildings sport ancient architecture.

Most famous of all the architecture wonders is the Copacabana Palace. Many movies have been shot here to capture the days of glories past.

You will enjoy just strolling through the elegant city. Simply soak in the silent elegance of Copacabana.

The Carnival


Carnival is an utterly sinful celebration you are going to just love. Let go of your inhibitions and partake in Carnival. Between January and February every year, Rio de Janeiro organizes a multitude of events, celebrations, and above all, parades.

People come here to ogle the dancers in skimpy outfits and for a chance at being flashed breasts.

The celebration is in full swing during Ash Wednesday. There are glamorous parades of samba dancers. Sambodrome is an area in the city that is solely dedicated to these parades.

In this area, there are stadium-style accommodations for spectators who want to view the celebration and parade comfortably.



The lush background of Tijuca Forest accentuates the beauty of Christ the Redeemer. This forest was an effort at afforestation, the purposeful creation of a forest, by the people of Rio de Janeiro. Because of the excessive use of the land, there was soil erosion.

This erosion affected the flow of nearby springs which supported the city. Consequently, on 3,300 hectares of Land native species were planted as an effort to improve the ecosystem. The peaceful ambiance of gushing waterfalls, lush trees, and colorful butterflies will take your breath away.

Getting Around In Rio

For getting around you can use taxis, buses, and cars. However, be warned that traffic jams are severe and annoying. Metros are far more reliable and affordable for tourists.

Beaches are a haven for travelers. You can walk on the wet sands and get a tan. The beaches of Rio de Janeiro are well kept; they have clean toilets and tents. Most of the beaches are bath worthy.

The lush forests of Tijuca National Park surround the Christ Redeemer monument. For adventure, you can go hiking on the nearby mountain range. Copacabana Beach, Real Gabinete Portugues da Leitura (library/gothic cathedral), Parque Lage (coffee shops inside a medieval park) are some other tourist spots.

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