Located on the north coast of California the Redwood National Forest protect the unique species of Redwood Trees. Along with the Redwood National Park, the Redwood State Parks become a single unit to stabilize and preserve the forest. In the 1990s the redwood species became so rare that the government had to make efforts to preserve them.


The two principal airports are the Crescent City Airport and the Eureka-Arcata Airport. Reaching the park from the Crescent City airport has four different ways. But By taking the Dale Rupert Road, you enter the Park within 20 minutes. People drive to the park using the US Highway 101 or taking the US Highway 199 from the Northeast.


Winters are no go for tourists because the entire forest gets enveloped in thick fog. It becomes difficult to see the beauty you came to behold. In summers the comfortable temperatures and sunny days break through the fog, making visibility clear. Early Springs or Early Autumn brings pleasant temperature and less fog later in the day. So, Spring and Autumn are probably the best choice to go with.


The magical beauty of hiking and camping in Redwood forest never fades. The Visitor centers like Hiouchi Information Center( US Highway 199), Crescent City Information Center( in Second Street, Crescent City), Jedediah Smith Visitor Center( US Highway 101), Praire Creek Visitor Center ( in the 101 Highway) are good places which help you do Ranger Activities. You can be a part of ranger –led walks, campfire, picnic, hiking and many more adventurous activities. The campsites have coin operated hot showers and flush toilets.

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