The Great Roman city of Pompeii did not survive the destructive eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., but the ruins of the magnanimous city rest in the Campania region of Italy and are free to explore. Mount Vesuvius is eight kilometers away from Pompeii and offers a panoramic view of the vast landscape.


Like any Italian ruin, the best shot of Pompeii is the amphitheater. The 2,100-year-old amphitheater can hold 20, 000 people; it lies in the eastern corner of the excavated area. Just beside the amphitheater, where the gladiators heroically battled, is the Palaestra or the Gymnasium.

Another structure that grabs the attention of visitors is the “Forum” or public area surrounded by famous buildings. Lupanar, Via Dei Sepolcri, House of the Ancient Hunt, Temple of Apollo, House of the Vettii, House of Faun, the Basilica and the baths are some of the structures that survived the eruption and the test of time.


Once you reach Naples from Rome, take the Circumvesuviana Napoli railway. Specifically, the Sorrento Line takes you to Pompeii. While you are in Pompeii station, you can buy entry tickets to the ruins. The walk to the ruins is long. If Sorrento is your station, then take the train from here to Pompeii. Buses also run from Rome to Naples.


Because the temperatures soar to 35 degrees Celsius, summers in Pompeii are exhausting. The dehydration level is high and walking around tires you. It is better if you visit during winter so that you can enjoy exploring without worrying about the heat. If you want free entrance, then note that every first Sunday of the month the entry is free. So, make it winter, make it a Sunday and make it there first and free.

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