In the thirteenth century, a marketplace named Piazza del Campo connected three hillside communities in Siena, Tuscany, and Italy. This medieval square has now become a well-known tourist destination.

It is not just the grand architecture and the history that attracts crowds but also the famous Horse Race- Il Palio.


During the yearly horse race, Piazza Del Campo, which lies in the city center, becomes the race track for the festival. From the Piazza, 11 streets radiate into the city, making it the focal point. Gothic houses from medieval times adorn the outside of the Piazza, enhancing the architecture of Siena.

In the Piazza, the Fonte Gaia is the centerpiece. It is an aesthetically pleasing collection of water conduits which supplied water to the city center. There is also the Gothic Chapel of the Virgin at the foot of the Palazzo Publico’s wall.


Ampugnano Airport is the nearest airport to Siena. Currently, it has no air services. The airports in Pisa and Florence are where most visitors arrive. There are buses which connect these airports to Siena.

Those who drive themselves can take the scenic Chiantigiana route from Florence. For those driving from Rome, take the Autoway exiting near Valdichiana.


Piazza Del Campo is where the famous Horse Race, Il Palio, takes place twice a year. The first race of the year is on July 2nd and the other on August 16th. It is not just a competition but a celebration throughout the day, which includes processions in the streets.

This is an excellent time to see Piazza Del Campo come alive.

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