Myrtle Beach is a family-friendly destination. It has the stunning beach line of South Carolina. The high-end shopping malls, swanky golf courses, and entertaining theaters are just starters for the amazing fun you can have at Myrtle Beach.

The number of tourists keeps increasing every year, which means that the economy of Myrtle Beach is also growing remarkably. Getting around in the area with cars might be tedious. The traffic is excruciating, and the drivers are rash and irresponsible. Better be careful; take a bus or cab.

Enjoying the beach is the first thing that pops into the mind of every tourist. But during the peak visiting season, the beach can get crowded. It loses its charm. Book a beachfront hotel, so you get a spot on the beach at sunrise. At Broadway, you can find shops, restaurants, theaters, and clubs; all in one place.

If you are into adventure sports, Myrtle Beach can be a perfect place to skydive. We did our first skydive here and the view is just stunning. Look at the video of my first jump here.

Barefoot landing is another such complex, which pays more attention to living entertainment. There is a massive reptile park for families to visit. You can attend the theaters and enjoy a show. There is a perk for visitors; they are provided a meal coupon as well as shopping discount.

The Carolina Opry is a legendary spot which has been a tourist favorite. You are going to enjoy the shows which are top notch, brimming with drama, music, dance, and comedy. Myrtle Beach state park is an adventurous destination. There are tons of activities you can do here, ranging from fishing to hiking and camping.

Mount Atlanticus Minotaur Golf is the best miniature golf course in the entire area. It has a sleek design and ultra-modern facilities. For golf courses the Barefoot Resort, Caledonia Golf and Fish Club, Tidewater Golf course are some remarkable options.

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