The Gigantic mountain in Europe, Matterhorn rests in the Alps. The mountain overlooks both the Swiss as well as the Italian side. To the northeast of the mountain is Zermatt, a Swiss town and to the south is Breuil- Cervinia, an Italian Town.


Reaching Zermatt takes just a train ride. After reaching Zermatt take a walk or a bus to the gondola station. A walk takes just twenty minutes. Once you hop in a gondola, it takes you to Furi. At Furi, a cable car ride takes you to a height of 2939m- Trockener Steg. But the ultimate chill of the Alps is in Klein Matterhorn, which is 3883m high.


The winters make many parts inaccessible. Traveling by foot becomes painful. If your plan for a winter trip, then change your idea to Late June. At this time of the year, there will be less snow to hinder your path and more flowers blooming in spring.


If changing cable cars is not your thing then the Gornergrat is highest cogwheel railway in Europe. It takes you as high as 3089m. The ride whether in a cable car or railways gives you a panoramic view of the seven glaciers amalgamating. In summers there are a lot of trails which non- professionals can also follow. If you stop at Trockener Steg Station, then the 6.5km Matterhorn Glacier trail takes you through the surreal landscape.

A Stop at the quaint hamlet Findeln gives you some time to feast on the Swiss mountain delights. If staying at the top is your idea then the Kulmhotel Gornergrat in The Alps is the highest hotel in Switzerland. Other than the mighty Matterhorn the Zermatt village below has simple pleasures like – Matterhorn Museum, Church graveyard.


Many visit the Swiss side of the mountain for the natural beauty. And the electricity here uses 230 V power. And if you are from European countries then it won’t trouble you. The Europlug Adapter is also the Type C adapter, which makes it easy to plug in your device into the sockets.

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