The Italian city Pisa boasts the unique architectural anomaly- Leaning Tower or the Torre Pendente. This tower is the bell tower of Cathedral of Pisa. In 1173 its construction started, and it started leaning. The ground beneath the tower experienced subsidence because of which the tower started leaning.

How to go

Pisa has the main train station called Pisa Centrale. Trains from Florence, Rome, and Lucca frequently stop at Pisa Centrale. If seeing Leaning Tower is the only itinerary in your list, then the Psa S. Rossore station is much closer to the tower than the main station. Those who arrive at the Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport, prefer bus services to the city which directly take you to Piazza del Miracoli. Keep in mind, though; the airport is not open 24/7.

When to go

People from around the world visit Leaning Tower to see the wonderful architecture. But along with the architecture, the culture also breathes a beautiful charm. Be a part of the Luminara festival ( Patron Saint’s day )as well as the Gioco del Ponte( Game of Bridge), held in the month of June. Though it is sunny in June month, head first at 8 in the morning to get an early entry.

Where to go

The entry ticket to the Leaning Tower is better when booked online. Your stay can be of 45 minutes of 3 hours, depending on your choice. Climbing the tower lends you a spectacular view of the city’s architecture. Nearby the tower is the Cathedral of Pisa, which sports gothic, Romanesque as well as Renaissance-style art. For a rare photo of the Leaning Tower climb the dome of Battistero. And it is not just the photo, but you can play with echo in this octagonal dome.


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