The enormous icy mass in the Eastern Siberia, Lake Baikal, is the largest freshwater lake in the world. And whether you believe it or not, the formation of the Lake Baikal started about 20 – 50 million ago which makes it the oldest lake on the planet earth.


Flights from Seoul, Bangkok, Beijing, Saint Petersburg, and other international cities reach Irkutsk. It is the nearest airport to Lake Baikal. Other than flights, the legendary train ride of Trans-Siberian Railway takes you to your destination also. After reaching Irkutsk, buses connect it to shores of Lake Baikal.


The crystal clear water of Lake Baikal becomes visible till 40 m deep in the summer month of July. Water temperature is less in summer – but comparatively favorable than other months. And in winter there is an ethereal beauty of the lake that goes unrivaled. In winter photographer Kristina Makeeva visited it and the photos she shared capture the frozen beauty of the Lake.


There Are many reserves and a beautiful island in the Lake, which bring you wonderful things to do. You can either trek along the Baikal Coast or participate in the Transbaikal- 20xx race. The TransBailkal is a cycling race covering a route from Buguldeyka to Yelantsy. And other than cycling river rafting, fishing, cruises are other fun activity to do on the coast.


Towns like Irkutsk and Ulan- Ude lie in proximity to the Lake Baikal. Book a hotel room in the nearby towns, or take refuge in the Rest Bases which are wooden houses in Siberia. Severobaikalsk is the city near the Lake which has the largest number of hotels.


Siberia lies in Russia and thus follows the standard voltage format as 220 V. A travel adapter fitting the Type C, and Type F makes you use your charger without any problem.

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