“Tiger Country” is as fierce and fantastic like Rudyard Kipling mentioned in the Jungle Book. It is from Kanha National Park that the romance brewed in mind of Kipling. And that is when we got the famous tales of Jungle Book.


The national park is at 160 km from Jabalpur. There are train and plane services to Jabalpur from metro cities of India. But entry to this gem of Madhya Pradesh is better through the entry points Mukki and Khatia.

To go on a safari ride, take a morning one. The price is 2000 INR, split the charge between five other people who are in the jeep. Besides that entry fees( depending on premium zone and non- premium zone), guide fees are main expenditures.


Avoid summer and monsoon. From May- September a constant weather fluctuation bother India. Book your ticket for the month of October- February. These are pleasant months with nice weather. It is the tourist season but Months of February and March seldom see tourists. If crowded parks are not your thing, then February and March are best months.


The Kanha National Park has an area of 1940 sq km. And the Kawardha Palace is just at 3 hours drive from it. Other such resorts include Mandawa Mahal, Krishna Temple, Manjari Mahal and much more. After a Safari of the national park( make sure its premium), take in a beautiful sunset view at Bamni Dadar. If gutsy attempts thrill you, then take an elephant safari. It gives a closer look at the wildlife of the forest.

In the Kanha Village Eco Resort, there is an excellent restaurant that caters to vegetarian and non- vegetarian customers alike. And nothing beats tasting the lip-smacking “ daal makhni” of Kamlesh Dhabha( food stall) at the death of the night.

Shergarh Tented Camp is the one and only personalized experience in Kanha. From camping in the deep forest to hiking and safari drives, everything is top notch.

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