The gargantuan Hoover Dam, located on the Colorado River, is the largest in the history of humankind. Built in 1935, it straddles the borders of both Arizona and Nevada. It is a quick and easy ride to the dam from Las Vegas


To reach the dam, you must exit U.S. Route 93 to Nevada State Route 172 because the Arizona portion of the dam is closed. Your vehicles will go through an inspection at the security checkpoint. Park your vehicle at the 459 space parking garage, which is on the Nevada side of the dam. Parking will cost you just $10. The dam is accessible on foot from the Pedestrian Plaza in the security zone of the Hoover Dam. It is only $10 to enter the visitor center. If you want to go on a tour of the dam and powerplant, then it will cost you at least $15, depending on whether you select the 30-minute or 1-hour tour. 


You can visit the Hoover Dam at any time of the year, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Note that some vehicles, like buses carrying luggage or hazardous materials, are a no-go on the dam. The dam is open from 9 AM- 6 PM. No pedestrian is allowed near the dam after sunset.


In the visitor center, you will see a bronze statue called the “Winged Figures of the Republic.” From there, an elevator plunges 530 feet into the Earth, taking you to see the Black Canyon and Powerplant. On this trip, you can see where all the power in the dam is produced. There is also a one-hour tour of the dam where you will see a construction tunnel. The Observation deck, also known as the Penstock Viewing Platform, faces the impressive gushing water of the dam.


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