Haryana is a state in Northern India. It surrounds the Indian capital city of Delhi on three sides and therefore, as a result, Haryana is quickly getting urbanized. Still, most of the state is largely agrarian, with few attractions here and there to slow down the passing tourist.

Being a Hindu-dominated state, Haryana split off from largely Sikh-dominated Punjab in 1966.

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Photo: Haryana’s map / CC0 Wikipedia

Top Cities

Below are the nine of the most notable cities in Haryana.

  • Gurgaon — Delhi’s burgeoning shopping and IT suburb
  • Faridabad — the largest city, just south of Delhi
  • Ambala — essentially a twin city consisting of Ambala Cantonment and Ambala City
  • Rohtak — a city with a very old historical background
  • Hisar — an important center of education and steel production
  • Karnal — anciently known as Angpradesh, the City of Karna
  • Kurukshetra — the holy city of Srimad Bhagwat Gita
  • Sonipat — ancient city known as Swarnaprastha
  • Panipat — an ancient and historic city that is sometimes called the City of Weaver, also site of many battles

Things To Do In Haryana

  • Kalesar National Park — home to the red jungle fowl and other bird species, this has become a bird watcher’s destination
  • Sultanpur National Park — another paradise for bird watchers
  • Morni — a town in the Morni Hills
  • Kalka — city name derived from goddess Kali. The Kalka-Shimla Railway is a UNESCO Heritage site
  • Kaithal — many interesting landmarks such as the Kaithal Fort and Badi Devi Mandir

Local Cusine

Typical dishes include:

  • Kadhi pakora
  • Besan masala roti
  • Bajra aloo roti
  • Churma
  • Bathua raita
  • Methi gajar
  • Singri ki sabzi
  • Bajara ki roti
  • Batua ka sag
  • Tamatar chutney


Lassi and Sherbet are two popular non-alcoholic beverages in Haryana. Milk is also commonly consumed.

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