In the Central American Region sharing its border with Mexico in the North and El Salvador in the South, Guatemala is a country rich in culture and natural beauty. It was once a Spanish colony, so there are many distinctive Spanish cultures.

Things To Do In Guatemala

Lake Atitlan – the picturesque lake surrounded by quaint villages is slowly becoming the central attraction of Guatemala. The volcanic history of the country and the coast gift it with a vibrant beach – Monterrico near Guatemala City.

There is evidence of Maya Civilization here like – Tikal, El Mirador, El Peru, Nakum, Aguateca are few places to uncover the Mayan history. Antigua Guatemala is the most famous historical tourist spot among tourist and also a world heritage site according to UNESCO.

The Rio Dulce region has a lot to offer to tourists. It has the largest bridges in Central America. And the lively jungles make hiking to Hot Springs an exciting experience.

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How To Get Here

The Two main airports of Guatemala are La Aurora International Airport and Flores. These airports receive flights from North America and Central America. Take flights to Belize and then take buses from Belize City to Guatemala or Flores. It is also a very good idea to drive to Guatemala from Honduras, Mexico, and El Salvador.

Best Time To Visit Guatemala

In the summer months of March and April, the temperature escalates to an unbearable high. The areas in Pacific Coast experience hot temperatures. And in the rainy season of May- October, it gets hard to access the remote region of Guatemala. Hence, that only leaves November – January. The winter season has pleasant temperatures that make traveling easier.

Type of Electricity

The standard voltage used here is 120 V, appliances working on higher voltage need converter. And the sockets are of Type A (Two flat pins) and Type B (three flat pins). A travel adapter fitting the sockets (Plug A) helps you to use your appliances with a different kind of plug.

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