An irrelevant tag of “cultureless” gets tagged to the city of Guangzhou. But once you visit the cradle of revolution in China you will untag it. Tourists visit this third largest city in China to shop and have fun, besides that also it has a lot to offer.


Guangzhou Baiyun International Flight caters international as well as domestic flight. If you are in Beijing, then take a flight to Guangzhou. If you are just about to visit Guangzhou, then check the availability of flights from your place. There Metro Line 3 is at the lower level of the airport, and there are Taxi stations outside the arrival hall. Take metro or taxi, whatever suits you better.


The best month of the year is October because the temperature comes below and the Canton Fair takes place in this month. April and May are also beautiful months to visit, but the humidity during this time is high, leading to oppressive weather conditions.


Famous landmarks are the Canton Tower(tallest tower in China), Sun- Yat- Sen Memorial Hall (free entry), Xiguan Residence and Dafo Temple. Apart from sight-seeing, you can spend quality time at the Pearl River Night Cruise. It includes a fine dining buffet along with a light show. Foodies can book a food tour at Eating Adventures. Baiyun Mountain has trails to discover, and Lotus Mountain has daytime river cruising options. An unending list of gardens( Baomo Garden, Yuntai Garden) parks(Yuexiu Park, Chimelong Paradise, Xiangjiang Wild Animal Safari Park) and museums( Mausoleum of Nayue King, Guangzhou Museum)are there in Guangzhou.


The standard voltage is 230 V. And appliances of lower voltage than that need transformers. Type A and I sockets are standard sockets in China. Your plugs need adapters of Type A and I to work in Guangzhou.

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