Gir Forest National Park, the famous wildlife sanctuary, is known for its mighty Asiatic Lions. Gir National Park is situated in the southwest part of Gujarat state, 360 kilometers from Ahmedabad, 65 kilometers from Junagadh, and 40 kilometers from Veraval.

It’s inland from the beaches of Diu. The entrance to the park is located at Sasan Gir village, and this is where the park reception and orientation center is (next to the forest department’s official Sinh Sadan guesthouse). and is easily accessible by road.

Gir National Park Travel Guide

The count of 2,375 distinct fauna species of Gir includes about 38 species of mammals, around 300 species of birds, 37 species of reptiles and more than 2,000 species of insects. There are all kinds of animals in this National Park apart from the Asiatic Lions.

Indian Leopard, jungle cat, golden jackal, striped hyena, honey badger are some of the other animals you can spot on a trip here.

Things To Do In Gir National Park

Jeep Safari

The Gir National Park is open from Mid – October onwards till mid-June & The Devaliya Safari park (Gir Interpretation Zone) is open throughout the year. The Devalia Safari Park closed on every Wednesday.

The most important thing to do when in Gir National Park is to take a jeep safari. A ride in the wild jungle is an adventurous idea. But, for this ride, you must have permission (will be provided by us) from the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge Office.

While you are on Jeep Safari, you can spot the Lions in their natural habitat, when they are on the prowl. Watching the Lions from open-roof jeep is altogether a wonderful experience. Best time to spot the Lions are at the dusk and dawn. Jeeps and guides are made available by the Forest Department.

Timing of Safari

For Gir there are 3 safari tours each day that commences at 6.30 am, 9.30 am and then in the late evening at 3.30 pm. During summers the times are normally preponed by 30 minutes. Whereas the 6.30 AM trip is the best but when the winters are at the peak the difference is negligible. In the monsoons, Safari is usually suspended.

Camp in the Forest

Gir Safari Tour offers a pretty clear glance about the unmatched wilderness amid the home of so many rare wild animals like Asiatic lions and Ass and ensures a distinctive combination of unparalleled joy, actions, and fun to each visitor. You can easily watch stunning flora and fauna and uncommon wild animals together over the spectacular alleys of Gir National Park.

Best Time to Visit Gir National Park

The reserve of Gir is closed from 16th June to 15th October every year. The best time to visit Gir comes between the months of December to March. April and May are very hot but considered as the best months for wildlife viewing and photography.


As Gir is located in the state of Gujarat, its primary language is Gujarati. But since it has been developed around tourism English and Hindi work pretty well. You will be able to communicate easily with the tour guides and safari operators.

The culture of Gir

Designed to cater to tourists, the national park is well suited to welcome all types of people. From camping to lodges, it is established to be a mix of everything. For more information about the National park visit its website.

Getting Around

The Keshod airport is located around 70 km from the park, whereas the Rajkot airport is at a distance of around 160 km. Take a cab or bus service to reach the Gir national park from any of these two airports.

However, the best way to reach Gir National Park from overseas is by using the Mumbai International Airport.

How safe is Gir National Park

If you take the guided safari at the Nationa Park, there is no need to worry about anything. Few other guidelines you need to follow are

  • Do not try to irritate the animals or make them angry by teasing them.
  • Take official guides along with you on the park trip.
  • Do not smoke inside the park.
  • Do not use flash or intrusive photography.
  • Picking of plants and insects is strictly prohibited.
  • Wear loose fitting and simple clothes that blend with the park surroundings.
  • For the safety of the visitors, walking and hiking in the vicinity of the park is not allowed.

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