Coron is one of the top favorite Philippine destinations of tourists. It is a 1st class municipality of Palawan, and is jam-packed with exciting adventures and scenic views to experience and see. The moment you visit Coron, you’ll never get over it.

You might think that this place is out of reach, but wait until you read this whole blog. Your mind might change in an instant!


How to get there

Getting to Coron is so easy. There are many options that you can choose from, and here they are:

by plane + land trip

The easiest and most convenient way to travel to Coron is by plane. Manila to Busuanga Airport will take only an hour travel. From the airport, you have to ride a shared van going to town proper, which will take another 35 minutes or so. Van transfer: Php 150 ($ 2.86) per head

by ferry from Manila

This option has the longest travel time. But, if you’re the type of traveler who wants to take the scenic route, you might enjoy this one. 2Go Travel ferry only has Manila-Coron trips every Tuesdays & Fridays, 1:30PM, and you’ll arrive Coron 4:30PM the next day (Note: Time schedule may change without prior notice)

From Puerto Princesa

If you come from Puerto Princesa, 2Go ferry ride would be your best option. Ferry ride will take 3 hours. Note that they don’t have everyday trips to Coron. Might as well check the schedule first weeks before your desired trip.

El Nido to Coron

Montenegro Lines will bring you to the island of Coron. A 3.5 hours travel time is to be expected.

Getting around

Tricycles are their main transportation in Coron. Fares would range from Php 10 ($0.19) – Php 20 ($38), depending of course on how far your destination is. You can rent a motorbike for Php 200 ($3.82) – Php 600 ($11.47), for 13-24 hours use. Don’t expect for a cab, as there’s no cab in Coron. 

Things to do in Coron

1. Hiking at Mt. Tapyas

Mt. Tapyas got its name from Tapyas, a term which means “a cut”. This 700-step mountain will remind you of the saying, “Once you reach the top, the view is amazing.” When you arrive at the peak, you’ll get to see an overview of the beautiful Coron. Best time to go is at around 5PM, just in time to catch the sunset.

2. Have a dip in Maquinit Springs

Right after a day’s hiking and island hopping, it’s also nice to relax. Have a dip in the therapeutic salt waters of Maquinit Springs. They have 3 pools: 1 pool that can accommodate a hundred people, and 2 small pools for groups of 10. Maquinit Springs is located about 30 minutes from Coron proper. Fare is Php 100 ($1.91) per head, but if you want to have it for yourself alone, price is at Php 300 ($5.73).

Maquinit Hot Springs

3. The Twin Lagoon

You’ve never been to Coron if you haven’t gone to Twin Lagoon. Don’t miss your chance to swim at twin lagoon. Ever wondered why it’s called so? It’s because there are two bodies of water that are separated by a Karst (a rock formation) wall. The boat will stop at the outer lagoon, which makes it the first lagoon. The second lagoon can be found in a hole of a cliff wall. A ladder is safely placed on top of the hole so you can swim in the inner lagoon. A max of 2-3 persons at a time are allowed to swim in there.

Twin Lagoon

4. Lake Kayangan

When you search for Coron images, a signature photo would appear in the results. That image is the Lake Kayangan. A 10-15-minute hike is required, approx. 300 steps, before you reach this picturesque view. Lake Kayangan is known as the Cleanest Lake in the Philippines — a combination of 70% freshwater, 30% saltwater.

5. See the underwater mountains in Barracuda Lake

Coron is all about hiking, but seeing an amazing view at the end of every journey. Among all the hiking activities in Coron, this might be the shortest, a 5-10 minute climb. This lake is named as such because a large skeleton of barracuda fish was once discovered. The lake’s thermocline (a layer of cold, warm, and hot water) feature will differentiate it from other lakes. Be careful as this lake is so deep. (Life vests are provided, don’t worry)

6. Shipwreck diving/snorkeling

Coron is known for its shipwreck diving spots. If you’re fond of diving and maybe a little bit of history, then this activity is perfect for you. Not all shipwreck diving spots are suitable for everyone. This would vary depending on whether you’re a beginner or a professional in diving. Shallow sites would range from 10-30 feet, while deep sites range from 120-140 feet. Here’s a list of the shipwreck dive sites:

  • Akitsushima Maru
  • Irako Maru
  • Kogyo Maru
  • Okikawa Maru
  • Morazan Maru
  • Tangat/Olympia Maru
  • Kyokuzan Maru

** Why the word “Maru“? Maru is a Japanese word which means “a circle” when translated. This word is attached to ship names, as circle would symbolize perfection.

7. The Calauit Safari Park

If you want a different set of adventure, visit the Calauit Safari Park. This is known as the little piece of Africa in Coron. You can see animals such as zebras, giraffes, deer, and many others. You’ll get to ride an old jeepney which will take you to the part where you can mingle and greet these animals.


Best time to go

Best time to go to Coron is from October to mid-June when the season is normally dry and hot.

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