In the dawn of the 9th century Myanmar, Bagan became endowed with a myriad of 13, 000 temples. The popular explorer Marco Polo explained Bagan to be a “gilded city alive with tinkling bells and swishing sounds of monks’ robes.” Visit this ancient city if you loved Angkor Wat.

Things To Do In Bagan

In Bagan alone, there are more than two thousand temples. It becomes impossible to visit all of them. Pick your best, the temples which invoke a curiosity in you. And then embark on sightseeing.

Few of the must-see temples include- Ananda Temple, Shwezigon Temple, Shwesandw temple, Manuhar Pagoda, Sulamani Pahto (nothing much remains of it after the 2016 earthquake). Walking on the banks of Ayeyarwaddy takes you to the center of the town from here go to the Nyaung U.

Exploring the whole city of Bagan without any guide’s help is a foolish step. Book a tour, or ask a local to show you around. Other than the temples, stupas, and pagodas The palace site is a quiet place to steal an iconic shot of the ruins.

How To Get Here

The airport Nyayung U is in Myanmar, where international flights land. There are currency exchange booths in the airport, but it is of no use. The Bagan Archaeological Zone Pass is a must once you arrive at the airport. Once reach the airport it is easy to get around. Trains connect all towns and cities extensively in Myanmar. Getting around is just a cinch.

Best Time To Visit

Summer season is too hot, and the dusty roads blow away the dirt. Those who like luxury and comfort travel, this place is not for you. So, pack your bags with cotton scarves and sunglasses if you visit in summer. And in winters the temperature drops and the trains which take you from one place to another do not provide blankets. Pack one ahead of time or buy one.

Electricity & Plug Type

The standard voltage used here is 230V. And the sockets are of European standards- Type C and Type E. Bring a step-up transformer as well as travel adapter to avoid problems while charging your appliances.

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