Anguilla boasts of the luxury tourism that it excels in. It is a territory of the UK and heavily depends on the tourism industry for its economy. Anguilla has set itself up as a tourist destination which caters to your every whim. Whether it is beautiful golf courses or yacht rides, your every desire will be fulfilled here.

There are six important villages which are an essential part of Anguilla. Most significant of them is Island Harbor. Others are The Valley, East End Village, Sandy Ground, and Blowing Point. You will not find many hills in its landscape other than the Crocus Hill. Anguilla abounds in bays which are treasure troves of colorful coral reefs.

You can go on tours of Art Galleries and enlighten yourself. But there is also another popular option – golfing. The Temenos Golf Club and Play-A-Round Mini-Golf Park are two of the best places you can go to if you want to play golf.

Water sports such as snorkeling, fishing, and diving are an essential part of your tour here. But other than that there are an array of bars where you can hang out during the evenings and nights. Elodias in Shoal Bay gives the opportunity to upcoming talented bands so that they can perform live.

The Seaside Stables are a new way to experience the thrill of horseback riding. There is no problem in getting around in Anguilla. You can hire taxis (fixed rate metered), bikes, and mopeds or even rent your own car (affordable).

You can spend your Caribbean trip lounging in one of the 33 fine white sandy beaches of Anguilla. You will not regret diving into the turquoise blue waters of Shoal Bay, watching turtles in Limestone Bay, and interacting with fishers in the Island Harbor.

Budget hotels like Anguilla Great House and Ocean Breeze are present on the island. Luxury accommodations can be either renting a villa or living at one of the resorts which are most generally in the Long Bay area. Overall, Anguilla is a lovely destination that you should check out!

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