Located in Canaima National Park in Venezuela, Angel Falls is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall at an impressive height of 807 m.

American Pilot Jimmy Angel named the waterfall after himself when he crash-landed in the area. It is a challenging trek to reach the depths of the National Park where Angel Falls resides.

Things To Do

The exotic flora and fauna surrounding Angel Falls make trekking through Canaima National Park a beautiful experience. Walking through the jungle is not the only entertainment here, there is also a small pool beneath the waterfall where you can swim.

Those of us, daredevils among us have something special in store for them such as base jumping at Angel Falls. Yes.

The height coupled with thin mists adds a sense of thrill. Beneath the waterfalls, you can go kayaking, which is just another adventurous thing to do at Angel Falls. A four-day trek will take you from Paraitepuy to Monte Roraima plateau, which is also in Canaima National Park.

How To Get Here

The closest and most reliable airport is the Tomás de Heres Airport in Ciudad Bolivar. You can book a tour of the Canaima National Park at the airport. Booking from your home country or Caracas is expensive. It will cost you about $250 for a three-day tour, which takes you to the foot of the falls.

Best Time To Visit

Rainstorms occur more often in Canaima National Park. From December to April, the rainstorms cease, making the waterfalls only a trickle. The best time to visit is before the waterfall dries up in the winter; October and November are the prime viewing months. The tropical climate makes many visitors uncomfortable, so pack accordingly.

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