Today, Abu Dhabi is a flourishing capital of the United Arab Emirates, but before the discovery of oil, it was a regular fishing village. The nomadic tribe of Bani Yas resided in the village.

Over the tears, the tradition and modernity have blended well. Currently, several massive projects are also underway. For example, Yas Island hosts Abu Dhabi’s Formula 1 track, the Ferrari World theme park, and Warner Bros, to note a few.

World Abu Dhabi, while the upcoming US$28 billion Saadiyat Island cultural zone is under development as well. Its centerpieces will be the Louvre museum (which opened in November 2017) and the Guggenheim museum.

Note: Homosexuality is illegal throughout the United Arab Emirates with possible resulting penalties of deportation, fines, prison time, or the death sentence.

Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

Since the reforms, Abu Dhabi has grown into one of the premier cities in the Gulf, rivaling nearby Dubai and Doha.

Like Dubai and Doha, foreigners far outnumber Emiratis in Abu Dhabi. As such, despite the fact that Arabic is the official language, English is the de facto lingua franca, and most Emiratis will speak it to communicate with the immigrant workers who work for them.


Heritage Village will rewind you back to the times when fishing was the lifeline of Abu Dhabi. The turquoise blue shoreline decorated with colorful exhibitions. It has a variety of objects. You can see pearl-diving trade and local agriculture being advertised here.

The life of a typical nomad in the desert is mirrored in the Heritage village. But the museum is not so rich in information. That makes it rather mundane.


From the sparkling waters of beach to the deep blue sky. The Etihad Towers hotel is the highest point in Abu Dhabi. From here you can watch the city sprawled in front of you. It can be a risk if you are scared of heights.

If you are staying in some hotel, you will have to pay entry fees before you get into the hotel. Sitting in the restaurant, you can sip your tea and revel in the magnificence of the city’s panoramic view.


We are moving forward from the city life. Enough of the noise of horns. Now you got to see the real natural beauty of Abu Dhabi. The Liwa desert is an attraction you cannot miss. It is home to the largest sand dunes in the whole world.

Enjoy camel trekking on the golden sands. You can head to the nearby oasis. It will offer you relief from the burning sands. Date palms are major vegetation in this part of the country.


Ladies! Do you want to pick some souvenirs? Head to Women’s craft center. It is a busy place where you can feel the energy of thousands of women buzzing. All workers are dedicated to their work. Some are weaving some are making baskets, others are embroidering.

The culture of Abu Dhabi is reflected in the handicraft goods of these ladies produce. Buy something authentic that takes you by surprise. There are a whole lot of things you can buy from – baskets, textiles, shawls, shoes, slippers, carpets, bags.


Abu Dhabi_Mosque_PD

It seems like we were saving the best for the last. After twenty years of hard work, this mosque came to exist. It is the largest museum in UAE. You can enter the mosque. Make sure to cover your head. What makes this mosque different is the modern touch added to it.

Ottoman and Fatamid style of architecture has been fused to create this majestic piece of art. Carved from Ottoman marble, the intricate designs and mosaic floors are stunning. The simple elegance of the mosque sets it apart from every other mosque.

You can even visit the library in the mosque. Abu Dhabi has a range of places you can go to have a good time.

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