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Vishakha Jalan (aka Vish) is a 26 year old finance girl, who has found the perfect balance between her passion and career despite being bitten by the wanderlust bug.

This Kolkata born, gypsy by soul, enjoys sketching, dancing and playing guitar, but nothing captures her wanderer of a heart like travelling does.

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Vishakha Jalan, a soulful vagabond

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She has explored several states of the multi-cultural country she belongs to along with several other South-Asian countries. Unlike others she does not have a travel bucket list. But, she dreams of traveling the world.

Martin Burber, a philosopher who said ‘all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware’ have inspired her travel mantra.

Underneath her professional suit, she is found carrying a stash of adventurous tales. This have made her friends want to leave their own worrying and become as carefree an explorer as her.

The scenic beauty of nature, the unique culture and the reactions of all those who have been an audience to her tales, have inspired her to pen down her experience and share it with other seekers hoping that they too will join her in her virtual travels.

Most importantly what makes her unconventional is her bold yet polite ability to express herself with a balance of practicality. She likes to communicate heart to heart, pouring her soul into her work. Hope you enjoy a direct yet deep and practical approach to travel.

You may also get in touch with her through her personal blog at

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