Your net passport power score is between 31 to 40 out of 70 maximum points possible. There are several factors that affects one’s passport power but the most important ones are diplomatic and trade relationship between your country of citizenship with other countries, per capita income, cultural openness, primary languages, or any ongoing civil or international conflicts.

A lower score means means international travelling, in general, is relatively difficult for you compared to the rest of the world. But, you can still travel if you plan ahead and smartly. Consider traveling to your neighbouring counties first. This will help you improve your passport power especially if you are planning to travel to the USA or Europe. You should also consider applying for either a student visa or look into volunteering jobs with reliable international NGOs. Consider saving money towards your travel goals. You can also start a travel blog about your own country or city. Make connections with other travelers from other countries. This way, you will have a friend to sponsor you or someone to show you around and give you a place to stay when you visit other countries.

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