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Travel accessories you must have

Travel accessories are a blessing for all travelers. Be it in the airport or on road travel accessories can save you a lot of trouble. The old times are long gone when people used to pack trunks to travel. With the use of modern technology, you can pack up smart. There are times when pillows are gross in hotel rooms, or you are scared of what rain will do to your phone. All your worries can be remedied with below-mentioned travel accessories. Happy journey folks.


Most of us travelers while exploring destinations have to carry a massive backpack or a bulky handbag. The solution for that is here. Mec sling pod bag is made from lightweight material. You can carry all of your requirements here like phone, maps, travel books, wallet, water bottle. It’s easy to use because it is made of airy material. So when you want to walk around freely, this sling bag will take care of all your basic needs.


You never know how many people have slept on that pillow before Itis given to you. For all those who are uncomfortable using pillows provided on airplanes or in hotels, you can use therm-a- rest. It is ultra soft and gives you a sound sleep. You can roll it up into a tube and carry it anywhere you want. Whenever you find this, makes close your eyes and buy one of this useful pillows. Another pro is it is recycled from mattresses which make it environment-friendly too.

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Whether you are going on an adventurous hiking or you are a mere tourist just sightseeing Lumix is the best travel-friendly camera. It’s shockproof and can shoot underwater HD videos. Wow. How can you not have this genius? This 12.3-megapixel camera can click pictures in even minus temperatures. No matter where you go you can be happy that you got Lumix. A must have for every photo fiend.

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There are a lot of us who will need a drink or two while we are on the road. And what better way to soothe your nerves than to sip a glass of wine. Travel wine bag is made to help you preserve your drink. It can hold your bottles and a pair of ice pack as well as your glasses. So whenever you want to get away a bit on your trip, you can dig into your bag which will keep the white wine chilled. It can add colors to your casual romantic evening.


If you board a lot of flights then baggage check would be a recurring problem for you. Here is your answer on how to pack your bag before boarding. Heys XScale is a device which can be utilized by you after you pack your luggage. Made of auto lock technology, it can weigh your bags with ease. You don’t need to stand in a long queue worrying about your luggage. Heys Xscale will give you accurate measurements. So why are you still here? As soon as possible get your hands on this cool must-have travel accessories.

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