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Top Travel Brands In Past 150 Years (Infographic)

We all love to travel. We are all connected through the Internet now. Most of us have smartphones and you are most likely reading this post on your phone right now. We have come a long way.

Have you ever wondered when did National Geographic start or when the Discovery Channel was launched? And what about Priceline, Expedia, etc.

Well, we were curious too and therefore we have compiled this list of the biggest and most popular travel brands in a neat little infographic for you to enjoy!

Vertical Timeline of  Top Travel Brands

The world’s major travel brands of the past 150 years (a vertical timeline).


It’s great to see this progress. About 50 years ago, only the US Navy and Army (and other militaries) were using the GPS system. People used to print and bring big maps to go road-tripping. Then we transitioned to GPS and from GPS, we transitioned to smartphones and Google maps.

Travel became a big national hobby and travel magazines turned into Travel Shows and online travel websites. More and more people began to publish their travel stories and travel guides. Suddenly, the world became a much smaller and much more connected place.

Today, it’s hard to not find information on a place you want to visit. Sure, there are extreme places that are still unexplored and beyond the reach of most travelers. Most of the earth’s oceans and sea still remain uncharted. Many underdeveloped countries still don’t have great transportation system and therefore making it harder to explore the country’s inner regions. 

Nevertheless, where there is a will and a passport, there is always a new adventure. Where are you going next?

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