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6 Things You Can Learn From New Yorkers

New York city never sleeps. You might have heard it. And it is so very true. We are not telling you to forget about your sleep but here are some things you should learn from New Yorkers.


Hearing the word ‘pickle’ may make you immediately think of a tiresome process of cutting, washing, spicing and drying. But New Yorkers have got a whole new process for it. They don’t let the sun to do the cooking. Instead, they use sugar and salt and let it sit for some time and the pickle is ready. They pickle just about anything such as mangoes, watermelons, apples, and even bitter fruit. New Yorkers are very creative when it comes to making the mundane magical!


If you are looking for food at midnight after a hectic day of work. You can still find many restaurants being open at this hour. And we are not talking about the pizza delivery only. Even if you are broke you can land yourself in a street joint. There is no such thing like “CLOSED” in any New York restaurant alley. Either people never stop eating or the chefs never get tired of cooking. Anyways we can learn and make our restaurants come alive at night.


Sure, New York is well known for its yellow cabs, thanks to Hollywood films. But, now you have peer-to-peer cab services and the New York subway system. You won’t see a lot of swank in New York subway. It is filthy and has an awful smell. But you will get to your station faster than on a national express in London. Above all they are cheap. So you can take rides regularly to your workplace or to your destination without worrying too much. About time we pumped up our public transport.


New York being a commercial capital has a huge number of people moving around for their work. But if you are a tourist there we request you increase your pace before you annoy a new yorker. It’s not required to say that they are understanding, but they won’t let you stand in their way when they are getting late to a meeting.


When in New York be sure even as a tourist to prefer comfort and efficiency. You shouldn’t wear anything that can’t get you through the fast living day in New York. Be sure that you are wearing nothing flashy. Colorful clothes are not a thing for New York.But if you are in doubt on choosing an outfit. Go for black. And if you have to walk a lot, as a tourist you will so we request you wear comfy sneakers.


They don’t waste time beating around the bush. They will get straight to the heart of the matter. You should be prepared not to expect sugar-coated lies from New Yorkers. Because they are too busy to lie. Everyone in New York is in a burning hell. So if you can’t take the heat. It’s better you stay in your comfort zone. You can learn to be dead honest from New Yorkers.

New York is a city with a mesmerizing skyline which gives us the image of a wonderland. We wouldn’t blame sex and the city for getting wrong notions into your head. But it’s not all bad. As a tourist have your fun and travel in the city of high-life, high-expectations! And, return back before the buzz fades.

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