Top 5 Things To Learn About Indians Before Visiting India

Things you can learn from Indians will be very handy. India is a colorful country with rich culture and tradition. That sounded cliché, didn’t it? We are here to give you something different. It’s okay to write about the incredible heritage of India. But writing something on skills of Indians is rare. Mainly Indians are thought to be smart. But they do have many tricks up their sleeves. We will tell you a few tips of Indians you can spot while you visit India. You can even use it yourself.


We know India is located on the tropic of cancer. It accounts for the excruciating temperatures in summers. But when you visit Himachal Pradesh or foothills of Himalayas you will encounter chilling temperature. A tourist will obviously be worried about how to get dressed. Don’t you worry! You can buy clothes while you are on road. Clothes are cheap and comfortable in India.

But the Indians have a quality of wearing the same dress at high as well as low temperature. Say for instance saree. A three layered dress. But still, it’s airy enough for summers. With a petticoat below and bare back and waist.They can even carry it well in winters because they can drape it over their bodies for warmth. Aren’t they smart dressers?


The plastic water bottles have a direction on them-please crush it after using. But Indians don’t crush anything.They use it again and again till it decomposes. Meaning they take full advantage of everything. It might be a polythene bag or an ice cream stick they will surely put them to use. Whenever you are broke or if you need anything urgently think what an Indian would do in your place and you will get a smart solution.

Spilled Water Bottle by Dsw4 CC BY 3.0


We have told you earlier about the mouth watering Indian street cuisines. And people in India can have it for breakfast or lunch or even dinner. You can see them eating in the stalls more than in restaurants. It’s because they know not to be fooled by looks. As a Hindi saying “unchi dukaan,phiki pakwaan”, it means a high class restaurant serving substandard food.Well well well… Nobody can teach you better how to taste the zing in food like an Indian.


If you are a tourist and only interested in travelling destinations then you shouldn’t care about this.But if you are a reader of personalities and culture then you will find one prominent thing in India. They respect the bonds of family. Their decisions are made to make their families happy.they stick close. Respecting their elders is a value inculcated in them. When an elderly Indian visits united kingdom he is called by his first name by a kid. But when an elderly English man visits India he is respected as a sir by a kid. It is a thing you should know about Indians.They respect.

An Oberoi Hotel employee doing Namaste, New Delhi by Saptarshi Biswas CC BY 2.0


This is what a tourist must know. There will be many vendors who will try tricking you into giving more money than required. But be informed there is nothing which is too expensive in India. You can literally buy many things for under $10 USD. You can buy from authentic shops where you will find tags in everything. Do avoid buying from streets if they demand sky high rates.

You can enjoy the busy hustle of India’s market without hurting your pocket.Make a trustworthy friend before visiting India who can show you around. Indians are really friendly towards tourists. They will help you. But you also need to use your common sense before walking straight into a trap.

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