Top 8 Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is growing to be the busiest city-state in South Asia. Millions of tourists from around the globe visit it each year.

Here are the top 8 places you must visit when you are in Singapore.


This area is the central attraction of the whole city. It has everything you look for in a city. The Marina Bay Sands resort contains luxury hotels and a mall you can enjoy.

Around Marina Bay, you have a wide range of nightlife options. The Skypark hotel is the best place to view the incredible city. You can watch the double helix bridge from the Skypark.

The viewing deck is on the top of the hotel. But only guests are allowed there. You can take the observation deck, though. The area has a lot of things going around it.

The ArtScience museum can be a place you can visit to pass your time. If you are a shopaholic you have lots of shopping places here. The night is the perfect time to watch the skyline of the city in all its glory.

You can have some snacks at the top of Marina’s Skypark while you ogle its beauty. The decadence of Marina Bay just enhances Singapore’s appeal.

Skylines of the Central Business District, Singapore at dusk by Basile Morin CC BY-SA 4.0


Think about 100 years of history which this hotel holds. It has stood since 1887. Raffles was a typical fishing village till Sir Stamford Raffles came here.

He saw a lot of potential in this village. So he bought the land from the Sultan of Johor. Well, the rest is history.

It is now a well-known port which has this refined hotel. The age-old architecture will attract any history lover. The gardens are lush and green.

You can stay here and love the restaurants. They serve quality food. You can even shop from the 40 classy boutiques. Girls, time to go shopping. History lives here.

This hotel has entertained guests like Queen Elizabeth, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson, Rudyard Kipling, and Joseph Conrad. You surely will be treated well.


Hold your breath if you are to take a ride in it. It is thirty meters higher than the famous London Eye. You will get a breathtaking view of Singapore on this flyer.

It spins at 0.21 meters per second. The time duration for it is 30 minutes. Its open from 8 am in the morning to 10:30 pm.

Don’t think you will only be able to see the greatness of Singapore. You can have a view of the Spice Islands and Straits of Johor too. A thirty-minute ride of the Singapore Flyer is an excellent opportunity to pamper yourself.

Just opt for anything that suits you. And have a view that you love. A city of lights or a city in light.


According to history, this place is of great importance for Chinese immigrants. They settled down here. That is why you will feel like you are experiencing small china here. You can taste delicious Chinese food here.

The bright colors and lanterns give it a traditional feel. There is an Indian temple here – Sri Mariamman Temple.

There is also a China town heritage center at Pagoda Street. You can go there and learn about its history. Thian Hock Keng Temple temple is an ancient temple of South Asia.

If you are hungry, you can take a break at Maxwell Road Food Center. China town is a free Wi-Fi zone. Good luck browsing. Good, news for fashion divas! There is Ann Siang Hill area here, which is a trendy spot to shop.

Chinatown at Sunset , Singapore by Erwin Soo CC BY 2.0


You will be mesmerized by it when you see it from the Singapore Flyer. You will not be able to stay away. It received the title of World Building of the year in 2012. It is a futuristic step towards sustained development.

The Supertree groove will give you a nice walk through the garden. You will find structures that are environment-friendly.

In the cloud forest dome, you can view the tallest indoor waterfall. The outdoors is open from 5 am – 2 am. The indoors are available from 9 am – 9 pm.

There are a lot of trees, plants, treehouses, waterfalls, skywalks to engage you and your kids. You can learn and have fun here.


You can guess from the name what it is all about. It is a studio that has many themes. It has 20 attractions. The important themes are Lost World, Hollywood Madagascar, Ancient Egypt.

The roller coasters here are the world’s tallest roller coaster. They are first of their kind in Asia. You can have tremendous fun with your family here. Two of the roller coasters are water-themed. Yay!

You can have a lovely day and then head to the merry-go-round. Your kids, as well as you, are sure to have fun here.


The diverse culture is a thing to be admired in Singapore. We saw China Town. Now the Little Indian Town. This town came into existence 200 years ago. All the aspects of India are present here.

The spicy Indian cuisines are a must taste. You can visit the Sri Veeramakalimaman temple and worship. Do you want a sexy outfit for festivals? You can buy beautiful saree here.

You will find numerous Indian restaurants here. Especially Tamil. A colorful neighborhood with delicious aromas. Have a slice of India.

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The Singapore night safari is a sure thing for tourists. Those who love wildlife can spend their time here. You will have a nocturnal visit inside the reserve.

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It has 1000 animals which include Himalayan vultures, rhinoceroses, wild beasts. This research center will give you a good tour of wildlife. It will be interesting to see the wild in action.

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