Top 5 Street Food to Try in India

India’s streets are lined with delicious delights which are impossible to miss. It is nation well known for its rich and spicy food. The mouth-watering aromas will surely make your tummy rumble.

So why miss such opportunity? If you are visiting India, then you should try some of the best street food of this vibrant country.

Street Food in India

Puchka (Image Source)


It’s the Bengali version of gol gappe or pani Puri. Puchkalooks like a small bowl filled with stuffing. It is a spherical crunchy snack. The filling consists of boiled potatoes mashed with spices and “chana”. Then it is dipped in tangy tamarind and mint flavored water. It will burst in your mouth. If there would be a street food restaurant then gol gappe would be a perfect starter.

Vada Pav (Image Source)


Are you visiting the Bollywood city and missing on vada pav?Go, fix your mistake soon. It is Mumbai’s burger. A steamy vada with a touch of ghee. And in between those layer of vada, you will find a yummy potato chop. Taste it with fried chilies and your mouth will be on fire wit a tsunami of spices. It’s a snack for each and every class of people in Mumbai. There are a number of stalls which serve this lip-smacking vada.

Cholle Bhature (Image Source)


This is a typical Punjabi cuisine. Bhature is flat bread fried in a pan of butter. Cholle is a hot and spicy curry of cooked green peas. Cholle bhature is an answer to every Punjabi’s breakfast. Now, this dish is widespread throughout India. You can taste it in any street corner. But the king of it all will be a plate of cholle bhature with a touch of Punjabi tadka from Amritsar. Start your day with this hearty meal.

Idli & Sambhar (Image Source)


It’s a famous South Indian cuisine. The dough of idli is kept overnight and then steamed. Sambhar is more like a curry based dish which is flavored with tamarind. A coconut chutney accompanies the Sambhar. This healthy yet overpowering cuisine is sure to make your day in Chennai worth it. Idli Sambhar is also served with hot and crispy vada to enhance the texture of this already amazing dish. We hope you like the tang of Sambhar on your tongue.

Chaat (Image Source)


India’s most popular street food is chaat. You can see stalls filled with smoky pans surrounded with fried potatoes,papdi, spices and colorful garnish. It can be an aloo chaat with potato and masala chaat with fried peas cooked in gravy. Both of them can look luscious and taste even better when you put them in your mouth. Yogurt, coriander leaves and a pinch of chaat masala are sprinkled above Chaat. Indian street food is scrumptious, bombastic and exotic. Above all it’s cheap. You can pick any delectable cuisine and not regret it hurting your pocket.




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