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Top 5 Exotic Places in Cyprus

Cyprus is a tiny island with immense historical importance. Because of its geographical location, it has been the center of attraction for many rulers. Every great ruler coveted to rule this country. Those who held it in power had glory.

It is not about just archaeological sites, but the stretches of sands are also attractive. The ancient churches, mysterious castles and incredible flora and fauna are charms of Cyprus. You can visit it without any rush. It is not so huge that you will miss out anything. But it has many gems which need to be explored.


The mysterious castle is perched on St Hilarion. Legends say that a fairy resided in this castle. She used to lure farmers. The rocky climb to the castle will be worth it. You will find chambers and secret passages which lead to Top of the mountain.

Saint Hilarion Castle by Chris06 CC BY-SA 4.0

The view from the peak is ethereal. It is just like a fairy island. You will want to keep this Castle on the top of the list. Nothing like this can be found in Cyprus.


A picture clicked in front of the orchid blooms of Cape Greco will be breathtaking. It is located on the southern coast of Cyprus. You can stay in Agia Napa.

Cape Greco by Anna Anichkova CC BY-SA 3.0

The orchid blooms are found east of the resort during spring. The turquoise blue sea beyond it is in stark contrast with the colorful orchids. You can follow the walking trails till you reach the easternmost point of Cyprus.


The untrodden area of Cyprus. You will not find a crowd in these roads. This area is hidden away from the population. Secluded among the ruins and sandy beaches Karpas is your getaway.

Image Credit

You can uncover the historic sites which are yet to be discovered. Ride to Agia Triada, which has ancient mosaics. Then you can lounge on the series of beaches. The queen of them being the Golden beach.


Do you want to feel the sea? An endless stretch of blue will greet your eyes. There are many cafes which are present near the harbor. You can walk along the criss-cross streets. The old houses are now either in ruins or shut down by wooden panels.

You can feel the exotic atmosphere. The architecture here is influenced by Ottoman style. At the top of Kyrenia Castle, you can see the bustling activity of the harbor.


The quaint villages form a myriad in the Trodoos mountain. They are built from stone. The huts are here from the medieval centuries. You can see the amazing paintings from that era. The narrow path joins the huts. That gives a rustic feel.

Some of the Villages are even listed on World Heritage sites of UNESCO. Numerous monasteries and churches are spread throughout the villages. You should surely visit Church of Archangelos Michall (Pedoulas).

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