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5 Must See Places in Bulgaria

Bulgaria can be an affordable place to travel. You don’t have to worry about the pricey hotels and good food. Everything will cost you a reasonable amount. The gorgeous coastline of the Black Sea and affordability has made Bulgaria a lovely destination. It houses some beautiful places. It has more than the beaches. You will be enchanted with the quiet countryside atmosphere of this nation.


The ancient name of Sozopol is Apollonia. It was the temple of Greek God Apollo in the sixth century BC. With a history so rich, you will think this town has incredible architecture. But let us warn you, it is not that way.  You can find pretty wooden houses which line the streets.

The small town is also a fishermen’s village. The coastline of Black Sea has made it appropriate for fishing. The daily activity of fishing will buzz your senses. The loading and unloading of quays with varieties of fish is great to watch. You can walk around the town soaking up its feel, or you can take a dip in the sea.


Things we do for love! Seven lakes in Bulgaria is also related to a tale of love. A Giant female cried for her lover. And that led to a myriad of seven lakes which are embedded in the Rila mountain. It is an enchanting scene of green landscape and colorful wildflowers leading you to transparent blue water.

The lakes are located on the mountain. Streams and rivers connect the lake. Reaching the lakes is not an easy task. You can use skiing to motor across the snowy slopes. Be careful. Make sure you visit during March – May. Because it can be frozen during the rest of the year.


Bulgaria is all about small town charm. But the list will not be complete if we don’t mention the smallest town. Melnik is a cute countryside town surrounded by rocky mountain. When you are here, you can get high on the Melnik rocks or High on the red wine.

The Melnik Konak by Klearchos Kapoutsis CC BY 2.0

This town is popular for its wineries. Don’t miss to taste some delicious country wine. When your head buzzes, you can walk up to your hotel Elli Greco, which can offer you a spa. If you can muster up yourself, you can stroll along the narrow alleyways or visit the Rozhen monastery.


Menebria sports a fantastic coastline. Did you get confused? We are talking about Nessebar. Menebria is the ancient name given to it be the Greeks, Ottomans, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Romans. It is a World Heritage site. Because of the strategic location of the town, it has been coveted by rulers over the history.

The place holds many memories of past. There are around forty churches which you can visit. Only ruins of them remain after so many years. But you will find it arrestingly beautiful.


Are you still a little girl at heart? Do you want to put on your glass slippers and walk in the fortress? Then Belogradchik will give you that chance. It can be a quirky spot to let your childhood dreams come alive. This rock fortress is made up of many rock structures.

Belogradchik fortress by Klearchos Kapoutsis CC BY 2.0

With yellow flowers blooming on fringes of the rocks, the fortress looks picturesque. It was nominated by Bulgaria for Seven Wonders of the world.