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5 Breathtaking Natural Wonders in Botswana

Botswana is an expensive African country to travel. It is underrated than any other African country. But it gives more natural experience. People who prefer luxury travel can prefer this nation. The numerous sanctuaries and safari rides will give you a taste of wildlife. There are many places of beauty which are not so well known. You can visit the places listed below.


The desert is located near the Orange River. Erosion from the stone formations has led to sand deposition. The vast expanse is from Angola to Orange River. Terracotta dunes cover the land in unique shapes. The Central Kalahari game reserve is the largest in Africa.

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The grasslands are spread across the land abounding in wildlife. At night you will get the clearest skies. You can take a safari ride here.Behold the wilderness of grasslands. During summer you can watch different wild beasts coming out. The perfect essence of Africa is in Kalahari.


The name Jwaneng means the store of small stones. Jwaneng is not only the richest diamond mine in Botswana but is the richest in the world.In the first year, 13 million karats of diamond were manufactured here.

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You can visit the world’s richest diamond mine. It has many places to stay.Luxurious restaurants and hotels are in every corner of Jwaneng. The Game Park here is another attraction you can visit.It also has two cute white rhinos. Visit Botswana’s rich place.


The national park is named after river Chobe. When you first see it, you will be amazed. The national park surrounding the river is rich in biodiversity. The animals like elephants, baboons, birds, lions, giraffes live here.

You can even take a river safari! The antelopes, crocodiles, and hippos are abundant here. In summer you can see a huge herd of elephants wandering. The river and national park will give you a treat of nature. Enjoy the wilderness.


Botswana has many natural beauties. It has the world’s largest inland delta.Okavango Delta is a myriad of islands. The untouched beauties are rich in natural vegetation. It is like an oasis in the midst of wild Kalahari desert.

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Take a safari in a canoe. You can stay overnight here. Camping in Okavango will be adventurous. Be warned about the exorbitant costs. It might cost you a fortune. But the experience here will be once in a lifetime kind.


These hills are a natural heritage of Botswana. Nobody knows how long they have existed. Cave paintings on the wall of the Hills date back to 30000 years. The history and beauty in Tsodilo will leave you spellbound. It is World Heritage site. All the history buffs can go and have a look at the 4000 cave paintings.

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There are 200 locations you will have to visit in order to cover all paintings. The best time to visit is winter. The weather is pleasant during winter. Botswana is a microcosm of Africa’s natural heritage. It may be one of the expensive countries of Africa but is nature at its finest.



The Rise of Adventure Travel: Are You Brave Enough?

Adventure travel has become an integrated part of the travel industry. It is soon becoming a trend, which people are following blindly. The thirst to discover new cultures and off-the-beaten-path natural treasures is growing in people.

That is why the industry revenue increased by 24% in 2014 as reported by several leading travel research groups. Adventure travel has three elements: connection with nature, interaction with other cultures, and physical activity.

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Rise of Adventure Travel

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As you can see, adventure travel is not limited to extreme sports. There is a new category which is becoming popular. It’s often called the “soft adventure.” You can ride on a safari in Africa and call it an adventure tourism (because it is).

The hard adventure is for the daredevils. Those who want to go off beat. Scuba diving and paragliding come under hard adventure.

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Women vs Men Adventures

The percentage of travelers involved in the adventure is increasing year after year. It has shown a steady rise since past three years. You will be surprised to know that 53% of adventure travelers are women. Who knew that!? (I certainly did not, but hey, this is the century of women!)

The wrong notion that the mustache is stronger than the braids is slammed right there. Another emerging trend is that more and more people are now exploring new places. Most travelers do not prefer to travel to the same place (as it used to be 20-30 years ago).

Travelers don’t like doing mundane things on their trips anymore. They are exploring new horizons. Maybe that is why only 22% of travelers repeat their adventure activities. According to ATTA research, African countries have shown a steep decline in attracting adventure tourists whereas Latin America and Asia are on the rise.

Adventure travel is widely popular in South America and Southeast Asia. There are hundreds of destinations around the world which can be turned into adventure destination. For example, the Polar cruising is becoming a hot trend.

Traveling without adventure is mundane. Even if you do a bungee jumping on your trip, you become an adventure traveler. So, don’t hold back. Explore the wild and unknown. Embrace the Adventure!



Things to Do in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was one of the widely visited countries in the world during the twentieth century. But recently the number of tourists has dropped to 75%. The glory of Zimbabwe still survives. Sadly, there are not many people who travel here. It is full of natural beauty like any African country. There many adventure sports options available here. Something tells us that you would like to visit it. That is why we present to you a list of things you must do here.


Calm down! We did not ask you to do it without protection. We were talking about bungee jumping. It is the highest waterfalls in the world. Discovered by David Livingstone. Victoria Falls at a height of 111 meters. A fall from that high is sure to make your heart pound. Many adventure sports enthusiasts dive from that height.

It is organized by Zambezi Adrenaline Company. People from around the world visit the waterfall to experience the jump. You can even hear the water gushing from two kilometers away. How wonderful is that?


An aerial view of these ancient ruins is breathtakingly gorgeous. They are tokens of past. It was built by Gokomere tribe. Chimanimani, Zimbabwe has been on the ground since the eleventh century. History lovers can spend their time here. The site has been divided into three parts.

Chimanimani Zimbabwe1 var by JackyR CC BY-SA 3.0

The Great Enclosure is an assembly of granite blocks aligned together. The Hill Ruins is the bygone human settlements. They are the most visited. The Valley Ruins is a series of life in structures. A walk around this 750 hectares area will transport you back to ancient times.


Everything about cave sounds primal. You would like to discover the places where ancestors lived. There is an underground pool located inside the cave. It is a limestone structure. Caves are lined up together to form a myriad.

Sleeping Pool, Chinhoyi caves, Zimbabwe by Suesen CC BY-SA 3.0

The temperature of the pool is always nice for a dip. You can pitch your tent around the caves. There is a Caves Motel near the Cave. You can relax in the lush atmosphere. Reaching also is easy. Just 120 miles from capital Harare.


Are you tired of the scorching sun rays? Sub- Saharan climate of Zimbabwe can be quite exhausting. Mutare is a town that will be your reprieve. The climate here is pleasant. You can visit the Aloe Gardens here.

Mutare Area, Zimbabwe by Seabifar CC BY-SA 3.0

The calm atmosphere will soothe you. Another place is the Mzilikazi Art Museum; you will find the crafts here worth your interest. There is Rhodes museum too. Chimanimani is close to Mutare town. Enjoy your day walking around these places sipping something cool.


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If you want some time off shopping? Doon estate it is. Located in Harare, which is the capital city of Zimbabwe. There are lovely art galleries to surf here. Dendera, Zimbabalooba are your options. Locally brewed coffee is sold here. You can taste lip smacking dishes in the estate. The local lemonades are yummy. You cannot forget the taste it will leave in your mouth. Shop around in the streets. Visit chic boutiques and local craft stores. A Day in Doon estate will give you a memento you can cherish.

You can taste lip smacking dishes in the estate. The local lemonades are yummy. You cannot forget the taste it will leave in your mouth. Shop around in the streets. Visit chic boutiques and local craft stores. A Day in Doon estate will give you a memento you can cherish.



5 Best Places to Visit in Algeria

Algeria is one of the African countries. If you like Ottoman architecture and delicious cuisines.You can be careful and visit Algeria. Here are some places you must visit in Algeria.


It is the capital of Algeria. The ottoman built Algiers.Hence it contains a rich amount of Ottoman architecture.Watching the flowing ancient streets across the Casbah is beautiful. You can visit the oldest mansion in Algiers.The Dar Hassan Pacha is an easy example of Ottoman architecture. Tourists from the western countries will be overwhelmed by the scenic charms of past in Algiers.

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As soon as you hear Constantine, Politics pops in your mind.The city of Constantine was the capital of Numidia.The Romans played a significant part in building up the city.It looks formidable from afar.The location is such that it gives you a feel of a fairy tale. To visit the most stunning buildings, you need to cross the bridge.The bridge is across a vast canyon.History plays a major role in the appeal of Constantine.Other than the buildings and architecture there is not much to see here.Though you can’t help but, fall in love with the history in Constantine.

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An oasis in the sea of sand.El Qued is appropriately named the city of thousand domes.The temperature here gets pretty high.To survive the heat, the locals have domed roofs.From afar it’s a beauty to watch these domes. A day here amidst the culture you will feel like Jasmin.Hope the Disney princess in you is happy.The shops here are popular for the locally woven carpets and slippers (affanes).Be sure to get a memento of each one of those.

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Phoenicians discovered this city.You will see that Annaba is a natural port.It makes most of the trade for the country.Being a traveler, we always seek a scenic view that is breathtaking.Some such magic is here in Annaba. The ruins of Hippo Regius are a mesmerizing sight.It is lined by olive trees on one side.And on the other side, it is guarded by the sea.The tour here will be worth it if you view this once.Walking through the ruins of old temples and ancient villas you will be transported back in time.


It is another port of Algeria.And probably the second largest city in the country.Like any other Algerian city, it has a touch of Ottoman mosques and architecture.

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But the main attraction here is the local cuisine.You can go to a hotel and taste something decadent, listening to Rai music.Adventure sports like scuba diving have a lot of scopes here.Enjoy the liveliness of tradition and modernity in Oran.